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8 Brilliant Ways To Make Money From Blogging

8 Brilliant Ways to Make Money from Blogging

Blogging has gained a huge amount of traction in the past decade. Internet accessibility and the possibility of revenue generation have made blogging one of the most popular forms of earning money online.

What started as a hobby now becomes a hustle for many people. But the harsh reality is that it is not an easy task. People really struggle to get traffic, and more often than not, they don’t manage it. Most blogs nowadays don’t even have a long life; they either die out or simply plateau after a point in time. 

It is a tricky business. But if you are willing to work for it and want to know how you could be making money from blogging, you are in the right place. Below are 8 brilliant ways to make money from blogging. 

 1. Monetizing your blog

Well, monetizing your blog does not simply mean that you create a Google AdSense account. Of course, ad revenue is one of the major sources of revenue if you have just started blogging. Monetising will allow you to generate multiple streams of revenue from your blog. 

There are quite a few ways in which you can monetize your blog. One of them obviously is having advertisements. Other ways to monetize are to offer paid services, ranging from freelance writing, collaborations, marketing, sponsorships, private advertisements, and much more. 

2. Find your specialization

A misconception around the internet seems to be that you only have to write about a particular topic to make money. This is true to an extent. If you work solo on your blog, then it is a good idea to write about one particular topic. This will help you build traffic, and you will work much more efficiently.

However, one great way to make money much more quickly would be to include a reliable writer in your venture. This would enable you to write a variety of content regularly and gather a diverse crowd on your blog. This will help you get more traffic and attract different and varied affiliations and sponsorships as well.

3. Digital Marketing

Getting traffic organically is becoming more difficult. Do you know why? Because nowadays, more and more people are opting for blogs. This is splitting the traffic between established blogs and up-and-coming blogs. Unless and until you want to wait for a long time, digital marketing is going to be your best friend. 

Digital marketing will allow you to publicize your content and reach an unprecedented audience. This will also help you in building traffic and increase lead generation. The more leads you generate, the more you will be able to monetize your services and generate revenue.  

There are different tools to help you with marketing, or you could hire digital marketers; either way, digital marketing will help you a lot to make money off of your blog. 

4. Freelancing 

You must be thinking, why would you write for others when you have your own blog? But the truth is that freelancing will help you get a good amount for the time you put into your work. This would also help you indirectly advertise your blog, increasing the traffic on your blog, meaning higher revenue from advertisements. 


Freelancing is a good way to build up your reputation and increase the number of clients as well as your audience. 

5. Follow up your leads

A lot of blogging sites do not follow up on their leads. Follow-up does not mean simply emailing your leads once. You need to contact them, again and again, actually to convert those leads into sales. 

6. Establish social media presence

Having a social media presence can greatly boost your prospects of growth.  If you manage to write consistently, you can market your blog on your social media accounts. This will help you advertise yourself and generate leads to sell your services and products. 

A social media presence is incredibly necessary for the growth of your blogs. It will help you to communicate with your target audience and build a community.

Establish social media presence

7. Affiliate your blog

Affiliations are a great way to build trust and gain new followers. By doing backlinking, paid links, and marketing other blogs, services, and products will help you grow as well. For example, you could write about escape rooms in an area and advertise/affiliate yourself to the brand and get a commission for every click/booking made through your link. It is an effective and simple way to start making money. 

8. Subscriptions/membership

If you have a blog or article that is constantly producing high-quality content, you can easily monetize your articles/content. One way to do this would be to charge your audience a certain amount for premium content. 

This can be done by providing exclusive perks to people who subscribe to your blog. Perks such as discounts on service, unlimited access to content, and much more will allow you to generate a good amount of money from blogging.


Now you know 8 brilliant ways in which you can make money from blogging. These are all situation-dependent ways. This means that while something might for one blog not work the other blog. The very important thing to remember is to try and analyze what works for you.  

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