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7 Effective Tips For Controlling Termites

Effective Tips For Controlling Termites

Termites are one of the most unwanted insects in anyone’s house. These white ants can devalue your property and lead to costly repairs. The average cost for termite damages is ranging from $,3000-$4,000. Property owners in America and around the globe are implementing various ways for termite prevention. This is mainly because most homeowners’ policies do not cover the damage dealt by these pests. A small colony which is estimated at around 50,000-60,000 termites can eat and destroy furniture in just a short amount of time. 

Termites infestations are hard to identify and are often visible after severe damage has been done, earning them the nickname, “silent destroyer.” Termites constantly consume wood, 7-days a week, 24-hours a day so if they are left unattended, they can weaken the foundations of your house or destroy your wooden structures which will lead to costlier damages.

No homeowners would like to spend a hefty amount of money for repairs so provided below are the 7 effective tips for termite prevention:

Keep your house moisture-free

Insects are attracted to wet and moisture, including termites. Getting rid of moistures is one of the most effective ways of keeping termites at bay. Be sure to keep the floor dry and the house ventilated. Putting a dehumidifier that removes water from the air will reduce excess moisture in the area. Avoid spilling water or any liquid materials on your furniture, cabinets, or tables because it takes time to make them dry. Termites can easily sense woods that are penetrated with water or are partially wet. Opening your windows and letting the sunlight inside your house will instantly lower indoor humidity.

Repair deteriorating basement walls

If you live in an area where it always rains, the walls of your house are prone to deteriorating because it’s constantly getting wet. Constantly check them and see if they are on the verge of deteriorating. If they are, act immediately and start repairing them. One of the most effective ways of repairing them is through patching them. You’ll need a bonding agent, a bag of mortar, and packaged masonry. Once you applied the patch and it is dried, paint it with a water-proof paint or compound. Deteriorating walls can also attract termites as they are usually exposed to moisture. Not having a deteriorating one will lessen the chance of termites attacking your house.

Have an annual Termite inspection

Homeowners must consider adding an annual Termite inspection in their budget for maintaining a desirable house. Negligence of this inspection can lead to a larger property devaluation. This is why hiring professionals for inspecting possible signs of termites is necessary. They will check your basement, wood structures, walls, cabinets, and attic meticulously. Termite inspection also includes checking of internals and externals as well as mud tubes and shell wings. Termite inspectors can spot the things that can may cause termite infestation. They will evaluate if your house is termite-free and will give accurate instructions on how to consistently keep them like that. It is better to pay for the prevention rather than spend more on the damages and repairs.

Maintain the distance between wood proportions and the soil

The most common type of termite does not come from the wood but from the ground. Underneath the soil is where they live and build their colonies. The wood is their food so if you want to keep termites at bay, you must maintain a distance from any of your wood proportions from the soil. 15-18 inches is the most preferred distance between your house foundation and the soil. This will discourage any attacks from termites as they have to way to enter your area.

Monitor decaying parts of the house and leaks

Even if you are busy, you must regularly monitor all the parts of your house. Check if there are decaying papers, boxes, and cardboard. Dispose of them right away so they cannot attract insects as these things are also where termites thrive. If your timber sounds papery or hallow, immediately check or replace them. It is one of the common signs of termites eating it away. Leakages in the basement, attic, or even in the drainage are like invitations for termites to come so instantly repair them.

Consistently clean your house

Keeping your house clean involves decluttering things like piled newspapers and soaked boxes as well as sanitizing it. Immediately throw any wet or partially wet items especially if they are placed in your wooden cabinets or drawers. Also, investing in termite-control chemicals is a good idea as they instantly kill termites upon contact.

Contact professionals for Termite Solutions

If any of your houses show termites infestations, having it treated by professionals is the best way to control and get rid of any termites attack. Professional pest control firm are equipped with several techniques like commercial termite control treatment, monitoring and baiting, and using liquid barrier termiticide treatment.

Keeping a home termite-free is a prudent investment and will save you a huge amount of money, making it a desirable place to live.

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