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6 Legit Ways To Watch Your Favorite TV Shows and Make Money

6 Legit Ways To Watch Your Favorite TV Shows and Make Money

Just a few short years ago, no one could have imagined it would be possible to hang out on the couch, watch your favorite TV shows all day and night, and make money doing it. Was a time, the TV was referred to as the “Boob Tube” since it was said to dumb you down. But these days, it’s a way to become a smart, lucrative, stay-at-home entrepreneur. 

If you’re like most people, you enjoy watching TV. But what if you could turn it into a lucrative side hustle? If you look hard enough, you can find jobs that require you to watch TV while eliminating debt. If you can land one of these jobs, it’s said to be well worth the effort. 

One personal finance tips company, CreditDonkey, claims there are up to 13 companies that will pay you to watch videos. From providing ratings on programs for Swagbucks to watching Netflix and tagging its content, these jobs pay well and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, or your favorite coffee shop. These online jobs also prove that your downtime doesn’t have to go wasted. You can relax, watch some of your favorite videos, write reviews or promote on social media, and get paid for it. 

Here are six legit ways for watching your TV shows and videos, and making money while doing it. 

Become a TV Watching Professional 

Professional TV watchers aren’t couch potatoes. They are hired to watch hours upon hours of programming in order to find the right clips and segments for television news and entertainment sites. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is said to payout $500-$600 per week to talented pro TV watchers. “The Daily Show” is also said to hire pro TV watchers for a lucrative payday. The jobs aren’t all that easy to find however, but you can check industry websites like for openings. 

Become an YouTube Influencer

There are several entertainment YouTubers who are able to generate income by discussing movies and television shows on their channels. These YouTubers can make money several ways; by creating sponsored content, accepting donations from fans and subscribers via platforms like Patreon, by monetizing their videos for ad revenue, or by selling merchandise. You might be wondering, how much do YouTubers make? This of course depends on how many followers you have, how engaged you are, how frequently you post, and various other factors, however, there are real-world examples that can help paint a potential picture. 

Be a Netflix Binging Pro

Netflix will pay you to binge watch your favorite shows and movies. The mega entertainment site hires taggers whose job it is to watch movies and TV series and then correctly categorize them. You’ll be spending lots of long hours performing this job, but again, you can do it from home on your couch or even your bed. How do you land one of these Netflix binging jobs? Just go to the Netflix job board and see what openings are available.

Become a Professional Cooking Show Watcher

Love to cook? Love to watch one cooking show after the other? If you head on over to the Swagbucks video channel, you can find lots of cooking shows to watch. If you sign up for the Swagbucks program, you can earn SB redeemable gift cards and direct cash deposits into a PayPal account. You even get a 5$ signup bonus for watching your very first video.  

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Become a Professional Viggle Watcher

Viggle will pay you to watch your favorite TV shows and also to listen to music. How does it work? You earn points for both watching and listening.  When you’ve collected enough points, you can then redeem them for free music downloads, gift cards, and other goodies. The Pennyhoarder states that Viggle has already paid out close to $20 million in rewards since its inception. However, some reviewers of Viggle claim that as of late, the company has narrowed their point redemption options to mostly digital downloads. Digital downloads don’t pay the bills. So do your research and make sure Viggle is the right professional TV and music listening opportunity for you. 

Become a Professional Perk TV Watcher

Perk TV is said to hire you to watch videos and TV and in turn, you earn points. Those points can be cashed in for gift cards for various retail outlets like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and lots more. The general payment rate is 1,000 points earned is the equivalent of $1. Amazon reviews of Perk TV are generally good to very good, and fall within the 4 to 5 stars range. Users are said to enjoy the many redemption options Perk TV offers and the income is reliable.  

If you’re a TV and video watching addict, and are looking for that perfect stay-at-home job or side hustle, you can’t do better than becoming a professional TV/video watcher. You might not make a fortune by binging your favorite shows, but if you’re lucky enough to be hired by a popular program like “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” you can earn a living wage, or close to it. So grab the TV remote, settle yourself on the couch, watch TV all day in your pajamas, and make some good money. 

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