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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Adventurous Partner

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Adventurous Partner

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning. While picking out the perfect romantic gift may be on your mind, choosing one for an adventure seeker isn’t always easy. 

You want to give your partner something they’ll love, but maybe they aren’t into chocolate or flowers. That’s OK. You still have some amazing options. From a one-of-a-kind experience to a staycation, here are five unique Valentine’s Day gifts for your adventurous partner:

1. Luxurious Staycation 

The best part about giving your partner a staycation is that you get to enjoy it, too. Not to mention, you cut down on expenses staying close to where you live as opposed to traveling out of town. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your partner with a luxurious stay. Hotels offer a variety of amenities. From five-star restaurants to paddleboarding excursions, you and your significant other can do something truly special. 

It’s important to note that many hotels offer exclusive deals around February to lure guests. To make sure you get the most out of your staycation, start shopping early. Keep in mind, there are third-party websites you can use to help you find deals. Sites like HotelTonight, Priceline, and Expedia are known for finding the best rates on hotels. 

You also don’t have to stay in a hotel. You can use Airbnb or VRBO to find unique homes for your staycation. Depending on where you and your partner live, you could book a stay in an elegant treehouse or an apartment in the city. There are several options to choose from, and the earlier you start looking, the more options you’ll see. 

2. Unplugged Adventures

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get off your screens and reconnect. Is your partner outdoorsy? Do they love hiking, camping, and spending time in nature? If so, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day off the grid. 

Consider giving them a U.S. Park Pass so they can travel from park to park. These passes last an entire year so your partner has time to plan out their adventures. If you’re interested in purchasing, simply visit the U.S. Park Pass website.

You can also take The Adventure Challenge with a scratch-off book designed for couples who want to adventure together. Each book contains 50 adventure ideas that are budget-friendly and unique. The adventures are filtered under specific categories, so you can choose the category that best suits you both. What makes this book so fun is the element of surprise. While you can choose the category, you don’t know the adventure until after you scratch it off.

3. One-of-a-Kind Experience

Buying a unique Valentine’s Day gift isn’t easy, especially when you’re shopping for someone adventurous. Sure, you could buy your partner a scarf or a Starbucks gift card. But neither option is what you might call “exciting.” Maybe that’s because the perfect gift isn’t something tangible — it’s an experience. 

If your partner enjoys skydiving, spending the day at the spa, or driving fast cars, take a look at Virgin Experience Gifts. This website offers several “experiences” across the country. For example, you could book a private dinner cruise in Texas or a zip line excursion in California. There are options regardless of where you live. The experiences on Virgin Experience Gifts vary in price, so you can find something that works for your budget.

You can also choose unique experiences on Airbnb. From cooking classes to animal-oriented adventures, this hosting website connects you to people eager to share. All you have to do is filter the experiences based on your partner’s location and find an activity they’ll like. 

4. Online Gym Membership

Does your significant other like exercising but struggle to maintain a good routine because they’re constantly on the go? You might want to consider giving them an online gym membership. 

This membership is great because all you have to do is download an app to instantly access hundreds of classes. Plus, different exercise apps offer different features. For instance, the ClassPass app doesn’t just offer virtual classes — it also lets you take in-person workout classes in your area. 

Let’s say your partner lives in California but is traveling to New York for a few days. They can filter the ClassPass app to show in-person classes in New York to ensure they don’t miss a good workout.

AloMoves, Obe Fitness, Daily Burn, and Nike Training Club are also popular exercise apps. Each app offers different types of classes based on interest. So before choosing a membership, make sure you have a good understanding of your partner’s favorite type of exercise.

5. Virtual Experience

In a world still contending with COVID-19, you and your partner might be spending more time at home. You don’t have to leave the house to treat your partner to something cool this Valentine’s Day. You can purchase a virtual experience. From cooking classes to whiskey tastings, there are tons of websites offering virtual experiences. 

Uncommon Goods, for instance, has what they call “uncommon experiences.” Maybe your partner has expressed an interest in learning how to paint or make a flavored cocktail. You can buy them a class they can take virtually with other students and an experienced teacher. 

MasterClass, an online learning platform, is another option. It gives users an opportunity to stream virtual lessons by well-known individuals. Is your partner interested in songwriting? You can buy them a class on the topic taught by musician Alicia Keys. Or maybe your partner is obsessed with basketball. They can take a class with Stephen Curry to learn the basics of the game. 

The ideas above will help make your adventurous partner feel special this Valentine’s Day. Better yet, they are gifts you can use together as a couple. Spend your gift-giving budget on an adventure so you can reconnect and create amazing memories. 

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