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5 Things To Know About the Sig P365 Tacpac Fin Feather Fur

Sig P365 Tacpac Fin Feather Fur

The Sig P365 Tacpac Fin Feather Fur is a very popular handgun with the American public, due to the power and accuracy that it provides the user. It’s one of the smallest multi-purpose options around too, so it clearly offers plenty. 

That said, with any product, there are things you don’t find out until you actually own one and in this blog, we provide you with 5 notable things that you should know before investing your hard earned cash in one. We’re sure that our tips won’t stop you from wanting one, but it will show you what life as a P365 owner will be like. 

1 – Which Accessories Are There For the Sig P365 Tacpac Fin Feather Fur?

It’s important to say at this point that only accessories that are officially known to be compatible with the P365 should be used with it. In the Tacpac, you get the DeSantis Holster, allowing it to be worn comfortably as a concealed carry weapon, but there is more besides.

You’ve also got the Talon stick-on gun grip that offers amazing control for a small cost and the Flat Trigger that allows for a pull that’s consistent. Both make the gun easier and more comfortable to use. 

2 – Is It Easy to Clean a P365?

If you’re a seasoned gun owner, then it’s something of a cinch, but for a novice it may take some practice. In the user’s manual, you’ll see that you need to disassemble your P365 and use lubricant to clean out any built up residue on both sides. The truth is that it’s super easy to clean your Sig P365 and it doesn’t take long at all.

3 – Is it a Weapon With a Safety Switch?

In truth, there is no safety switch on the trigger face, but it does feature a manual thumb-activated safety (on selected models). That said, if the owner wishes, a P365 can be ordered without one, depending on individual needs.

4 – Is There Ideal Ammo For the P365?

According to the manufacturers themselves, the best ammo for the Sig P365 Tacpac Fin Feather Fur is NATO or SAAM-compliant cartridges. They also state that using +P+ ammo is not advisable, but if you have any issues finding something suitable, why not try Federal HST micro rounds?

5 – How Does the P365 Differ From Similar Small Handguns?

When compared to other, similarly sized handguns like the Glock 43, you’ll find that you can hold four more rounds in the magazine, with 10 available rather than just 6. The Glock 26 does match this capacity, but it is bigger and weightier in the hand. Users have also reported that the P365 also offers a smoother trigger action and more comfortable grip.

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Now It’s For You To Decide Whether the P365 Is For You

Handgun preferences depend on a number of variables, such as purpose, weight, accuracy and stopping power and the Sig P365 Tacpac Fin Feather Fur delivers on all counts. There are many reasons why the firearm has sold as many as it has and we’ve covered just 5 of them here.

Now you have the info, it’s time for you to make your decision. It’s you who’s going to be using it, so you need to be sure. But honestly, you could do a whole lot worse.

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