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5 Outsourced Services Every Business Needs To Use In New York

Outsourced Services

There are many responsibilities that come with running a business, particularly if you’re operating in the music industry or entertainment sector. Businesses within these markets often have unusual or atypical formations, such as holding companies, subcontractors, and performance-related pay. Due to this, it’s vital to reduce your costs wherever possible if you want to optimize your financial performance.

It’s easy to assume that the ‘gig economy’ refers to the music industry, but, in fact, this term relates to the innovative way people and businesses are now working. With highly trained professionals routinely offering their services via freelance contracts, it’s easier than ever to access the resources your business needs at a reduced cost. With this in mind, take a look at these five outsourced services every business needs to use in New York:

1. Digital Marketing

No matter what industry you operate in or what your commercial goals are, you need to market your brand if you want to attract customers and generate sales. One of the most effective ways to do this is via digital marketing. With a range of tools, including SEO, PPC advertising, and social media, you can use digital marketing to increase brand awareness, facilitate sales and even increase customer lifetime value.

However, digital marketing requires ingenuity, experience and expertise, as well as a considerable amount of knowledge and time. Instead of hiring an in-house team to execute campaigns, you can reduce your costs and optimize your conversion rate when you outsource your digital marketing.

2. PR

Shaping your organization’s image should always be a top priority, as it’s intrinsically linked to your commercial performance. Music artists with bad PR will find it hard to secure venues, sell tickets to gigs or land interview opportunities, for example. However, there are ways you can overhaul your public image without blowing your budget.

Working with a dedicated PR agency gives you the chance to shape your public image and develop your brand. Whether you need press exposure to boost sales of your next album or you’re expanding your product range, the contacts and expertise available that are available when you outsource your PR can be instrumental to your success.

3. Accounting

Every business needs to meet their financial reporting obligations, which means filing taxes regularly and recording financial transactions in detail. However, the right accountant can also help you to reduce your tax liability and obtain tax breaks on certain expenditure. As a result, you can use your financial structure as a vehicle to move your business forward and maximize profitability.

However, most businesses don’t require a permanent in-house accountancy team. Rather than use your resources to hire supplemental staff, you can cut your overheads by outsourcing your needs to an accountancy firm that specializes in particular industries and sectors.

4. Rehearsal Spaces and Recording Studios

There’s no doubt that businesses in the entertainment and music industries need access to rehearsal spaces and recording, but there are many other types of companies that can benefit from these facilities. If you’re recording Q&A interviews or How To videos for your company website, for example, having access to a dedicated space can elevate your performance and enhance the finished product.

Of course, building and maintaining your own New York rehearsal studio can be a costly endeavor, which is why outsourcing is such a popular option. By renting a rehearsal studio in New York, however, you can access the space and facilities you need, when you need them, and avoid overspending.

At Pirate Studios, you’ll find a wide range of rehearsal spaces and recording studios available, both in New York and all over the world. Whether you’re recording a branded podcast or preparing for an upcoming gig, 24/7 access to a fully equipped studio provides exactly what you need.

5. Sales and Transactions

All businesses rely on sales in one form or another. Bands and musicians need albums and concert tickets to sell in order to generate revenue, for example, while retailers must persuade consumers to purchase products to make a profit.

Now that you can sell both offline and digitally, there are numerous sales channels to use. However, implementing your own sales solutions can be costly, particularly when you consider the level of security that needs to be maintained when processing financial transactions.

By selling via third-party offline stores and using outsourced transaction services online, however, you can streamline the sales process, increase security for your customers and optimize conversions to increase your profits.

What Businesses Can Benefit from Outsourcing?

Every business can benefit from outsourcing, providing you choose the right service providers to work with. Whether you’re a sole proprietor running a business or heading up an enterprise-level organization, outsourcing can enable you to transform your operations, increase productivity and take your business to the next level.

Critically, outsourcing can be an excellent way to reduce costs. By maintaining or increasing sales at the same time, a reduction in costs equates to increased profits. When you rely more on outsource providers, rather than in-house staff, you can make dramatic savings and enjoy optimal commercial success. 

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