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5 Myths About Spotify You Probably Believe

Myths About Spotify

Spotify is a tremendous digital streaming service that meets the needs of both listeners and artists. Musicians and artists even get paid based on the number of streams on their tracks. That’s why they may be a bit too concerned about how quickly they can get free Spotify followers organically and expand their fan base.  

From the perspective of listeners, Spotify has over 80 million tracks. It can be a great platform for them to leverage the affordable and convenient monthly or yearly subscription and discover a wide variety of music.

However, it’s essential to note that many myths circling the internet about Spotify hinder the artists from growing and users from leveraging the amazing features. Therefore, we’ll debunk five myths about Spotify in this article that you may also believe. Let’s dive into it!

Myth #1: Spotify Doesn’t Pay Artists

One of the most popular myths about Spotify is that it doesn’t pay artists for their content and hard work since there are also non-premium subscribers who leverage the platform for free.

While there are premium subscribers who pay for the services, it’s imperative to consider that non-premium subscribers are shown ads, and this is how it generates revenue and compensates the artists.

Moreover, some say that even if Spotify pays the artists, it’s way too low. Other platforms like Apple’s iTunes pay over a dollar, but they deduct around 30% of the sales for its commission, which is massive. On the other hand, Spotify may pay approximately less than a dollar per stream, but they don’t charge as much as other streaming services.

Myth #2: Spotify Has 100% Stopped Piracy

Many people assume that Spotify has completely put a halt to piracy since it has a plethora of benefits to offer to both users and musicians. And even listeners are willing to pay the price of a subscription or watch ads for this reason.

However, this isn’t true. Some people will still find a way to avail of the “free” pirated music from another source and may be too impatient for a Spotify-exclusive song to launch, so they may go to another website and download it through illegal means.

Myth #3: Spotify Isn’t Doing Any Good to the Music Industry

Another myth about Spotify is that it isn’t doing any good to the music industry. Back in the day, avid listeners could either download their favorite music by paying for it or go the illegal route.

On the other hand, Spotify allows you to simply download the app within a matter of minutes, set up your account, and start using it. This makes it easier for the user and beneficial for artists too. Especially new artists can leverage this platform as they may get featured in the up-and-coming artists’ playlist on Spotify and get discovered by a wide audience.

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Myth #4: Spotify Guarantees Success Overnight With the Right Strategies

While you might believe that just because a few new artists got fame overnight through this platform means that the same will happen to you by implementing the right strategies or having the best record label or management team.
Remember that Spotify doesn’t guarantee overnight success.

Of course, the Spotify algorithm may sometimes play in your favor, but there’s no shortcut in life or even music. You must work hard and stay consistent to become noticed by a new audience and expand your fan base.

Myth #5: Sound Quality on Vinyl is Better than Spotify

Some people assume that the quality of music can get compromised on online streaming tools like Spotify, and it’s better to listen to music in the “original” form, such as Vinyl audio.

In reality, Spotify offers compressed digital versions, and you can’t actually tell the difference between the vinyl record and Spotify. In fact, you can listen to crisp-quality music with a good pair of headphones without the crackling sound on Spotify!

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