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5 Life-Changing Upgrades For Your Living Room

Upgrades for Your Living Room

You and your family spend the most time in your living room, so it makes sense to update it now and then. With each upgrade, you want to make sure you’re improving your quality of life. Otherwise, making these changes would quickly become pointless.

Are you wondering what life-changing upgrades you should make in your living room? All of the best options are in this article, so make sure to continue reading!

1. Install More Windows

Natural lighting in the home is essential. If it always feels dark in your living room, you’ll want to install more windows. Or, you could make the ones that you already have larger.

This upgrade provides you with a mood boost. According to Healthline, exposure to sunshine may cause the brain to release more serotonin- the happiness chemical. Natural lighting also helps your home look cleaner, brighter, and more welcoming.

Plus, windows are great for air circulation. During the summer, you can put a fan in them, allowing a nice breeze to travel through the home. If your home is always hot and stuffy, you probably don’t have the best air circulation.

Overall, installing more windows will benefit you and your family in many ways. If you already have plenty of windows, it would be a good idea to change your curtains. Lighter, thinner curtains let more lighting in.

2. Add a Fireplace Entertainment Center

Fireplace Entertainment Center
Fireplace Entertainment Center

You will also want to consider adding a fireplace entertainment center. This upgrade is perfect for a family room. You can relax with your loved ones and play video games, watch movies together, or simply enjoy the atmosphere the fireplace creates.

Entertainment centers can feature many shelves for decorations and functional items as well. The fireplace makes the perfect entertainment center since it makes sense to put a TV above it. Doing so creates a lovely focal point in the living room also look for in a senior living facility, helping it feel even more balanced.

If you are going to make this upgrade, the best option would be an electric fireplace. That way, you can run the fireplace with the heat off during the summer, won’t have to worry about smoke, and have plenty of color options when it comes to the flames.

Plus, creating an attractive entertainment center will help bring your family together for some quality time. Your loved ones will enjoy hanging out in the living room more often since there is more for them to do in there. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of seating around the entertainment center so that everyone can sit comfortably around the new fireplace.

In short, this is one of the best living room upgrades to make. Your family will be sure to love spending time with you around the fireplace entertainment center- there are so many possibilities here! Make sure to ask your family what they want to see in the entertainment center as well. And, for the longevity and optimal performance of your fireplace, consider occasional maintenance and professional fireplace repair services to ensure it remains a cherished and functional part of your living space.

3. Add a New Layer of Paint

New Layer of Paint
New Layer of Paint

Next, you’ll want to consider adding a new layer of paint to your living room walls. Often, we let the colors become outdated or peel away. Plus, bumping furniture into the walls leaves marks, which you can easily cover with some new paint.

If you don’t want to upgrade all of the walls in your living room, simply go for an accent wall. To do this, you paint one of the walls in your living room a different color than the rest. You want to make sure you choose the wall you want to draw attention to the most since it will become a heavy focal point within your living room.

People will use neutral colors on their walls in most homes and give the accent wall a bright color. This feature allows the accent wall to “pop” and stand out. You’ll have a lot of fun choosing the colors- don’t hesitate to get creative with this idea! Many people make accent walls as a DIY weekend project.

4. Use More Rugs

Rugs have many uses and make your living room much more welcoming. A good carpet will even help tie your interior design together, making everything feel cohesive. If you have an old worn-out rug at home, it’s probably time to make the upgrade.

There are so many different styles and sizes of rugs to choose from. You can use them to create functional spaces in the living room as well. For example, you can set up the rug with your sofas and chairs on top of it, making space for socializing.

Overall, rugs are an essential part of designing the perfect living room. You can browse options online or check out what’s available at the store. As long as it fits into your room’s design theme, it should look great!

5. Add More Shelving


If you don’t have much shelving in your living room, you’ll want to consider adding some. Shelves are a great idea- they don’t take up space and allow you to put your favorite items on display. Shelves can even be functional and hold books, DVD players, or gaming consoles.

You can add floating shelves or inset shelving. Both options look great and provide you with more space to display decorations. Many interior designers use shelving to hold small sculptures, candles, plants, books, and more. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy decorating your new shelves!

Plus, adding some new shelves to the home is a quick and cost-efficient DIY project. Many people love to tackle this task independently, making it an easy upgrade to any living room.

Make Your Space Functional

Overall, you want to make your living room a functional space. Otherwise, it will look pretty without getting used. You want to make a comfortable room that has entertainment and social options. That way, your loved ones will find themselves spending more and more time there. Functional rooms can look great, so don’t hesitate to experiment with your interior design! You’ll have a lot of fun trying out new themes, decor, and looks. 

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