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5 Essential Factors For Your Mental Wellbeing

Mental health

Are you making an effort to care for your mental health? The last few years have been a lot for everyone as we’ve been deprived of so much. Personal wellbeing in the UK recently fell to the lowest levels since records began – but things have picked up again since, and mental health awareness is improving in society as a whole. 

While there are many contributing external factors to our emotions, your lifestyle choices also have a significant impact. Common tips like eating well and exercising might seem like cliches – but they’re also proven to work. So if you’re not feeling like yourself lately, here are five key factors to assess.  

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We might not feel like socialising all the time or maintaining large groups of friends, but forming connections is crucial to our survival. The Mental Health Foundation states that people who are more socially connected are happier, physically healthier, and live longer. 

Aim to spend time each day with those you live with and arrange days out with friends. Technology is helpful for staying in touch too, especially if you live far apart. 


Getting good sleep consistently is crucial to how we feel and perform throughout the day. The NHS advises that most adults need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep every night, so create conditions that allow you to do so. 

That includes going to bed and waking up at similar times – as well as controlling your environment. Temperature, light and sound can all influence sleep quality. Investing in comfortable women’s nightwear and bedding also helps with drifting off. 


Getting active is great for your physical health as well as raising your self-esteem and causing positive chemical changes in your brain. There are lots of ways to get fit that don’t involve spending hours in a gym – unless you want to, of course. 

Sports like cycling, swimming and running are great for getting outdoors, while team sports provide that important social aspect too. 


Our diet is another crucial element in how we feel physically and emotionally. But for most people, eating well means finding balance – not the modern interpretation of ‘dieting’.  

Incorporating a mix of fruit and vegetables, pulses, carbohydrates and proteins will give your brain and body the fuel they need throughout the day. You can still enjoy treats in moderation!


It’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable talking about your feelings. But opening up to trusted friends, partners, or even professionals by trying online mental health counseling can help make your emotions and challenges feel less overwhelming – and you might just gain a fresh perspective. If you’re looking for professional support, consider seeking out therapists in Portland or in your local area for personalized guidance and assistance in improving your mental well-being.

That doesn’t mean you have to schedule in formal appointments though. Try starting a conversation while doing something else, like walking or cooking with a friend or partner.

Could you improve one or two of these aspects? Take care of the above and make your wellbeing a priority, starting today.

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