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5 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins for 2022

wordpress real estate plugins

When it comes to optimizing your WordPress Real Estate website to be more user-friendly for your clients (and you), the thought of plugins can be overwhelming with the number of options available. We’ve thought about the basic plugins you need and compiled a list of some of our favorites that will help you streamline your service to your clients. Here are 5 best WordPress Real Estate plugins that will enhance your workflow. 

Each one of these plugins serves different purposes, yet all aid in helping you run your real estate business smoothly: 

Showcase IDX Plugin

  • You will want an IDX plugin to provide a wide-ranging amount of information on listings to homebuyers. You’ll need an IDX plugin that allows search and results, listing pages, mapping, and smart CRM tools. Thankfully, you can do all of that with the Showcase IDX Plugin!

Formidable Forms Plugin 

  • Formidable Forms is a form-building solution to help you easily create forms that will allow you to professionally collect and organize information from clients and potential homebuyers. You want every step of home buying to be as easy as possible for your clients and Formidable Forms is an excellent tool to help accomplish this, as well as keep you organized. 

BirchPress Scheduler Plugin

  • BirchPress is a scheduling plugin designed to enhance the lines of communication between you and your clients. BirchPress allows you to embed customizable booking forms right into your website so others can easily schedule appointments with you. This scheduling plugin can sync with calendars like Google iCal, iPhone, Android, or Outlook) and send email notifications and reminders. BirchPress also includes a way of receiving payments should you need that feature for any reason. 

Jetpack Security Plugin

  • Protect your website investment with Jetpack. It will give you real-time backups and save each change you make to your website. In the event your site breaks, it can pinpoint what the cause was through the activity log, provides decentralized malware scanning, offers spam protection, emails notifications, protects your site against brute force attacks, keeps your other WordPress plugins updated, and more! 

WPVR by RexTheme Plugin

  • WPVR is a plugin that allows you to provide a virtual tour right from your website! There’s no need to spend a lot of money for video tours when you can simply take panoramic images of your properties and let WPVR turn them into a virtual tour for your website. 

Bonus: 1 more WordPress Real Estate Plugin

It was hard to limit to just 5 WordPress Real Estate Plugins, so we decided to throw a bonus plugin to share with you. 

Responsive Mortgage Calculator Plugin

  • As a real estate agent, you want to provide services that make your clients feel at ease and help them through the buying process. Even though you aren’t their lender, one way you can help them is by providing an amortization or mortgage calculator right on your website. Without having to search the internet for a calculator, they can easily use the one you provide them through the Responsive Mortgage Calculator. 

Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins

These are a few of the Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins that will add professional value to your website. We hope these options will be helpful to you and your clients. 

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