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5 Best Places for Expats to Live in Germany

5 Best Places for Expats to Live in Germany

Expats in Germany are typically drawn to the country due to its thriving economy and the fact that Germany offers ex-pats the opportunities to cultivate a successful career in their field. However, it takes more than a great salary and cheap beer to feel at home as an ex-pat in Germany.

Many people interested in Germany’s healthcare and living in Germany as an ex-pat wonder what the best places to live in Germany as an ex-pat are. Therefore, this article will outline the 5 best places for ex-pats to live in Germany.

German Expat City Ranking

InterNations is a 4 million strong ex-pat community that conducts rankings of the best and the worst cities for ex-pats to live in. Their 2020 German ex-pat city ranking included four of the most important city ranking factors regarding residence for ex-pats. These four factors are as follows:

Quality of Urban Life – This factor includes climate, leisure activities, safety, transportation, politics, health, and residential environment
Getting Settled – This factor includes local friendliness, socialization, and local language
Urban Work Life – This factor includes job security, work-life balance, and job and career prospects
Finance and Housing

Best German Cities for Expats

As of the 2020 rankings, the best German cities for ex-pats are the following.

1. Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is the city of fine art, culinary treats, and shopping and is ranked as the best city for German ex-pats to live in. In Dusseldorf, the quality of life is sure to be sought after while expats’ job and career prospects are thriving.

Dusseldorf is an economic hotspot of Germany where ex-pats can find all sorts of work and career opportunities. It is no wonder, then, that Dusseldorf is a hotspot for many multinational corporations and industries. Here, you will be immersed in a global hub of international trade, which brings together all kinds of opportunities for career development not found anywhere else in Germany.

2. Frankfurt am Maine

Frankfurt am Maine is a thriving German metropolis with a praiseworthy working life where you can find all kinds of job opportunities in various fields and sectors. Today, the financial sectors of Frankfurt am Maine is one of the world’s leading financial centers, which is why so many multinational companies are creating high-caliber career development opportunities here.

Frankfurt am Maine is ranked 7th in the world with regards to the quality of life and is tied with Munich at 2nd place with regards to infrastructure. However, these factors contribute to the difficulty that many ex-pats face regarding settling in Frankfurt am Maine, such as difficulties regarding finding housing and socializing.

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3. Hamburg

Hamburg is a German metropolis that is ranked 19th best globally with regards to the quality of life. When it comes to working abroad, German ex-pats in Hamburg are typically very satisfied with the career opportunities they find and the job security that comes with them. Hamburg is also known for its thriving local economy and a culture of proper work-life balance.

Hamburg is also one of the best German cities for German ex-pats to settle in a foreign country. Expats have found that the thriving social life in Hamburg makes it easy to make new friends and settle into a community. However, the bad weather and climate experienced by Hamburg makes it number 3 rd on this list rather than at the top, as many German ex-pats living in Hamburg find it difficult to adapt to the perpetually rainy weather.

4. Munich

If there is one thing that Munich is known across the world for, it’s quality of life. The incredible quality of life to be found in Munich, when added to the amazing expat health insurance and medical care and the markedly southern climate, makes Munich one of the best places for ex-pats to live in Germany.

However, while Munich is ranked among the top in the world regarding life quality, those living there certainly have to pay for it. Munich is a very expensive city to live in, and this high cost of living makes it difficult for many ex-pats to cover all their costs efficiently.

5. Berlin

The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is known for its markedly low cost of living where beer is cheaper than water and ex-pats can easily cover the cost of living with their salaries. While this makes Berlin an attractive city for ex-pats to live in Germany, Berlin’s long work hours, low job security, and lack of work-life balance make it score lower on our city ranking.

Final Words

To conclude, Dusseldorf is by far the best place for ex-pats to live in Germany. Here, you will find valuable career opportunities, job security, and incredible quality of life.

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