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4 Key Benefits of Sauna Suits for Women

Sauna Suits for Women

Have you ever seen someone working out wearing a sauna suit? This type of suit is often made of neoprene or another synthetic material and helps to keep in the body heat during a workout. Sauna suits work well for both women and men who want to make the most of their workouts while achieving their health and fitness goals. We’ve put together a few of the key benefits of sauna suits for women.

1. Lose More Weight

Sauna suits are made of moisture-resistant material to trap in the heat produced by the body during exercise. As you push your body harder during a workout, it produces sweat to cool down while increasing the blood flow and oxygen to the muscles to promote recovery.  Wearing a sauna suit during your workout can help you lose more weight than if you worked out in traditional workout gear. However, you won’t only lose fluids — wearing a sauna suit can help promote long-term weight loss.

In a study performed by the research team at the High Altitude Exercise Physiology Program at Western State Colorado University, the results showed a significant improvement in overall weight loss among participants. The study included 45 overweight or obese individuals who lived sedentary lifestyles. They were split into groups and each group participated in an exercise program that got progressively more challenging. One group wore neoprene sauna suits during their workouts, and the members of that group dropped 2.6% of their body weight. By comparison, members of the other groups saw only a decrease of 0.9%.

2. Boost the Metabolism

The study performed at Western State Colorado University also showed significant improvements in the metabolic rates of participants. Those who wore sauna suits experienced an 11.4% improvement in resting metabolic rate, while those who exercised in traditional workout apparel saw only a 2.7% improvement. Boosting your metabolic rate can help you have more energy, promote long-term weight loss, and even improve the quality of your sleep. When worn correctly, sauna suits for women can help increase weight loss through the improvement of the metabolic rate.

3. Burn Extra Fat 

The results of the study also showed an increase in fat burn among participants who exercised in a sauna suit. The members of that group lost 13.8% of their body fat, while the other participants noted a loss of 8.3% of their body fat. When you work out in a suit, your body’s circulation rate increases, which can play a role in weight and fat loss.

4. Improve the Skin

For many women, the health and appearance of their skin is a top priority. Wearing a sauna suit can help in this regard, as increased sweat production has been linked to more moisture in the skin. You may also notice that your skin looks younger, as normal sweat production has anti-aging properties. If you’re dealing with breakouts due to bacteria on the surface, sweat can also help kill that bacteria and promote healthier, clearer skin. 

When you’re ready to take your exercise routine to the next level, try wearing a sauna suit to experience more immediate and long-term results. You can boost your metabolic rate, burn more fat, and even enjoy healthier skin.

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