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3 Top Ways To Use Weekly Planner Effectively

Weekly Planner Effectively

In the fast-paced world, time management is one of the most crucial yet tedious tasks. Most people end up pushing the deadlines of their work and get accustomed to being inefficient. Productivity of the individuals varies from day to day depending on various factors due to workload.

Advanced tools and technologies are meant to help us perform better. But it can be turned against some individuals. Rather than portraying incompetence, it’s better to streamline everyday tasks with a simple and convenient tool like weekly planner printable templates.

Specifications of such tools keep you focused and assists you to align important tasks. It better instills discipline to enhance productivity.

How to make most of a weekly planner?

Here are listed some effective ways to plan your weekly tasks:

1. Pick a day for planning

The beginning day of the week is ideal to plan routine tasks. Fill in the task details and schedule timing to accomplish that work within that time period. In case of extra work allotment, update your planner and keep a regular check on the agenda. Mapping out the bigger picture saves your time while updating your calendar.

2. Urgent and important – Big difference

Once you outline important agendas of the week, it’s time to maintain a ‘dump list’ running throughout the week. It is important to understand the difference between important and urgent tasks. Prioritize urgent tasks over important ones although both have to be completed within the dedicated time.

3. Color coding your planner

If you have a lot in your bag to plan for, color coding is an effective way to kick off. You can categorize your tasks by coloring them and track them accordingly eg. More important tasks like weekly meeting with the boss in red color and the less important tasks with green color. Colors will remind you of the tasks that will click instantly to stay focused on the work.

Features of an effective weekly planner

1. Vertical and landscape layout planner templates

In a weekly planner, you may use a vertical or landscape layout as per your convenience, effective goal setting, checklist, to-do list, hourly planning, appointments, and monthly calendar.

2. Exquisite interface

An effective interface of a weekly planner portrays:

  • Convenient page orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
  • Week starts from Sunday/Monday
  • Separate notes and to-do provided space
  • Easy editing of the PDF
  • Most important Download and print free of cost

You can even monitor your weekly activities and check the number of tasks left or done on successful completion.

3. Hourly setting

Users have the liberty to plan everyday tasks on an hourly basis. In a weekly planner printable, the users can align tasks in hourly slots depending on the time limit to dedicate to the work. For example, if you work from 9 a.m to 5 p.m, book a slot of one or two hours for your urgent tasks.


A weekly planner makes our everyday work easy to execute thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. Moreover, the users save time and energy in outlining the tasks every day. It enables hassle-free management of work and helps you schedule tasks for timely deliverables. Along with it, you get to print it easily to allocate work to others (if required).

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