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3 In-Demand Tech Careers in 2021 and How to Break Into Them

Tech Careers

People who know their way around the tech world are in demand since the global pandemic has altered the workforce and businesses have a greater need than ever to keep up with technological advancements. Whether adjusting to managing a remote workforce or a growing demand for remote and touchless services from customers, tech is taking center stage as the primary solution provider.

Professionals in the tech industry may experience more job security and impressive benefits as companies fight to retain their top talent. Breaking into the industry takes hard work and a dedication to learning the ins and outs of a chosen specialty, but the rewards are often worth it for many prospective tech professionals.

If a rewarding career, promising job security, and an ever-changing landscape are what you’re looking for in a post-pandemic career, here are three in-demand tech jobs in 2021 to consider.

Cybersecurity Professional

According to CIO, security professionals are the most in-demand tech job in 2021, and with most tech jobs in high demand, that’s saying something.

If you’re just starting out in tech, you’ll need to gain a basic knowledge of everything from programming to operating systems. Enrolling in a cybersecurity certificate program can help you quickly gain the skills you need for potential opportunities.

Cloud Architect

Companies are dedicating more and more of their IT budget to cloud services like Microsoft Azure and AWS coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Medium and large enterprises are on the lookout for professionals with a background in cloud computing and with such short supply, now is a great time to break into the field if you’re looking for a career path with a promising predicted growth rate.

Once you have an established background in cloud computing, you can boost your resume with an industry-recognized credential from Amazon and become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. If you’re new to cloud computing, choosing a certificate program that will give you an introductory knowledge of cloud systems, programming, and networking can help you get your foot in the door as a cloud support specialist.

Mobile Applications Developer

The trend toward mobile isn’t slowing down, and with the world getting used to the idea of doing business (and even running personal errands) remotely after a year and a half of social distancing, the demand for mobile app developers is growing across industries.

A certificate in mobile app development will give you hands-on learning tools to create apps, often with no prior coding experience required. This is the perfect option for newcomers to the developer world who are looking for a way to start in the industry. Getting a certificate in mobile app development can give you the credibility to stand out in your job search.

Your Next Career Isn’t Far Away

No matter what specialty you’re interested in, the demand for capable tech professionals far outweighs the available supply. Now more than ever is the time for tech-minded individuals to take advantage of the countless opportunities available to nurture their strengths and refine their skills. Certificates are a more flexible option for working professionals who don’t have the time to commit to a four-year degree. But if you have the willingness to learn, your next career might not be so far away.

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