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3 Ideas for Making Your Work Commute More Enjoyable

Have you been struggling with the long hours of a daily commute but feel like you don’t have any option other than accepting the stress and the negative mental health aspects that come along with it?

Then perhaps it’s time for a change. Explore the following tips that could help make your work commute something you can look forward to each day.

Use Public Transportation to Your Advantage

While single-person cars are often the norm among the working class, many commuters have discovered the hard way that changing lanes on the highway brings more frustration than time savings.

Instead of sweating out the stressful curves of the road, you might like to consider the advantages of public transportation. Rather than driving yourself, you can use your traveling time to unwind from your day at work and transition your thoughts toward other parts of your life, such as time with family and friends.

Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts to Expand Your Mind

Whether you choose to take public transportation or believe it is in your best interest to drive your vehicle, you will have the same opportunity to improve your mind or enjoy an engaging story with dozens of podcasts and audiobooks now available.

While you might strain your eyes from staring at a computer all day, you can refocus and give your eyes a rest from the screen during your commute. You can find many audiobooks and podcasts available to help you improve your career, change your lifestyle, or entertain you as you shift your mind away from your job.

Brainstorm Better Ways to Serve Your Customers

You can’t neglect the fact that commuting goes both ways. While you use your morning commute to get to work, you can also view the time as an opportunity to prepare your mind for the day that is before you.

While many of the ideas from the previous two tips could apply here just as well, when your mind is fresh in the morning, you might want to use your morning commute time to strengthen your mindset about how you can best serve your co-workers, clients, and customers.

Suppose you’re taking public transportation as suggested. In that case, you could take the commute time to deepen goodwill with your business relationships by reaching out to others by creating thoughtful and heartfelt business thank you cards. This practical business communications tool has proven to help business leaders build relationships with others. Writing and sending a thank you card is a simple way to show colleagues and professional collections that you care about them and appreciate the work they do for you. 

As cities grow and businesses expand, commuting can be a time-consuming and strenuous activity for those traveling to their jobs each day. Now you know that commuting doesn’t have to be a negative aspect of your day. Think about taking public transportation, enjoying an audiobook or podcast, and preparing yourself for the rest of your workday with the above practical ideas.

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