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10 Ways to Decorate the Entrance Porch of Your Home

Entrance Porch

We all have heard that “first impression is the most important and is considered as the last impression”. The statement is so apt for the entrance porch of your house. A well-organized entrance porch makes a very good first impression and reflects the personality and style of every homeowner. As it is the first thing which anyone will see first in your house? 

So today we have covered some of the best porch design ideas that will leave a stunning impression on your visitors and you whenever anyone will look at your amazing house. Before we go further, let us discuss what exactly is the entrance porch of a home!

What do you mean by the entrance porch of a home?

The entrance porch is the front area of your house. The basic feature of it is to give shelter when it’s raining or if you just want to enjoy the outside view of the street you can sit outside the front porch of your property. It gives a nice aesthetic appeal to the overall view of your home at first glance. 

Pro tip: The size of the porch is the most important thing. It should be in proportion to your house. It should not overpower everything else, so consult an architect who can help you to get this right.

10 ways to decorate the entrance porch of your home

Let’s get started!

1. Add an outdoor seating

 You can craft a seating space outside your entrance porch by putting weather-resistant furniture. The open space will help to brighten up the overall appearance of the house. Material such as hardwood, iron, wicker, aluminum, or steel will work well. You can enjoy the stunning view of your garden, neighborhood, and environment by sitting here. 

You can also consider installing a swing for the front porch. The whole atmosphere will create a place where you can enjoy yourself with your loved ones and relax there while watching the kids playing outside. This will be fun. 

2. Install shutters

Shutters can give a welcoming layer of enchantress and aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. Despite controlling sun rays and ventilation, exterior shutters also provide security. There are a variety of shutters available from exterior vinyl shutters to aluminum shutters that can make your home’s personality look fabulous. If you want to go for a bolder look then you can add the black type of house shutters. Think wisely while accessorizing the exteriors of your home as they can make a big difference in boosting the entrance porch of your home. 

3. Dress up the front door of the house

The front entry of your home is considered the most important focal point in maintaining the curb appeal of the home. The front door of a home is the prime architectural attribute of an entrance porch. So make a bold statement by painting your front door or you can install a custom wood door. Try to go for a metal polish on the fixtures of the door. Your home’s entry should reflect your style. 

4. Go for an attractive door knocker

Once you are done with the front door. You can now think of adding an attractive door knocker of brass against the dark front door. It can be a subtle and very effective upgrade of your home’s front entry. Opt for a classic shape or you can go with – a brass pine cone, a lion head, eagle, seashell, vintage lady hand knocker that gives your house a little extra personality. 

5. Add some everlasting potted plants

If you want to add some texture and contrast to your front porch then you can go for potted plants. Make your house’s entry into an inviting focal point by adding beautifully arranged potted plants on your front porch. If you are looking for some long-lasting and low maintenance options in planting then we are giving a word of advice that choose evergreen plants. Culinary bay, petunias, boxwood, privet, and dwarf conifers are all excellent choices for doorstep oklahoma native plants. Planting can help to elevate the overall space of your porch. 

6. Light it well

Good lighting can create wonders to make a magnificent entrance porch. It is a must for your convenience and safety. You can install mounted ceiling light or pendant light equipment to make a well-embellished space. You can play around with the lights in different areas and directions like house number plate, your brightly painted door, or your favorite potted plant. 

7. Go for attractive paint colors

Generally, people go for bright colors in their indoor spaces like living room, kitchen, or bedrooms. However, we don’t bother about our exterior wall colors. Thus we advise choosing some mild and brighter paint colors for the outside walls as well. You can add a touch of vigor with an extensive color pattern in your furnishings and pavers. You must maintain a neutral balance to the outside walls so that your house does not look overly colorful when your house lights are not turned on. 

Pro tip: While choosing the front porch paint color, look beyond walls also, so make sure to consider the front door and window frames of your home as well. Check properly how you can bring them together for a statement look.

8. Go with the same color all over

It is advisable to choose the same color for the walls and ceiling of the porch space as it will help to lift the area and will make it look more expansive. Just remember to think about the paint flow. Make a thread that should be followed all over and complement with your hallway paint also. 

9. Ensure to keep your surroundings clean and clutter-free

As it says, the first impression is everything, so ensure that your entrance porch is cleaned. You must keep your surroundings clutter-free so that it is properly neat and clean. Just like you groom your home from the inside, you should maintain it from the outside also. After all, a healthy front porch is a happy pooch. 

10. Buy a fresh doormat

Keep your entry tip top and polished by adding a fresh doormat. It will help to catch all the moisture, dust, dirt, and outside debris and will clean your house from inside also. Doormat plays a significant role to uplift your home’s curb appeal and create a good impression in front of the visitors.


Now that we have shared with you some of the ultimate ideas to enhance the curb appeal of your home with your entrance porch. Try them out today and add more character to your space. You will not get another chance to make a first impression. So be careful with your decision. 

Do let us know in the comment section what are you doing to boost the curb appeal of your home this year! 

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