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10 Things You Must Have For Any Festival


Attending any sort of festival is always a very exciting prospect, whether it’s music or a dance festival. Did you know that music festivals generate millions of dollars worldwide, with Outside Lands Festival selling over 200,000 tickets in 2018?

If you’re also planning to attend a festival this year, there are a few essentials that you must carry with you in order to make the experience even more thrilling.

1. Your ticket

Quite obviously, this is the most important item you’ll need to carry with you while attending the festival. Without a proper ticket (not a fake one, of course), you won’t really get much far.

Before leaving your house or hotel, keep checking twice or even thrice to ensure that you have it. Make sure you keep your ticket in an easily accessible place or else you might suddenly lose sight of it and then panic over losing it.

2. Money and/or card

This is slightly risky since a lot of people might be attending the festival, but it’s important to carry a bit of cash or your bank card. Get a few low-value notes and your ATM card so that if you lose your cash, the loss will still be repairable.

There are usually many ATM kiosks all over the venue where a festival takes place, so you don’t really have to worry about being shy of the money. If the festival you’re attending is in a different country, cross-check if the currency you’re carrying is enough or not.

3. Medicines

This is especially important for people who suffer from ailments like asthma. Any medication you might need should be carried properly in a small, waterproof bag.

Your medicines have to survive a lot of pushing and jostling, so be extra careful about the packaging as well as the bag in which you’ll carry them. If you fall ill and don’t have your meds with you, the entire experience will be ruined.

4. Driving license

If you have your own driving license, make sure to carry it in your wallet or purse as identity proof. If there’s going to be a lot of alcohol at the festival venue, your license will be even more necessary! You might never know when you’ll need it.

For example, if you’re traveling with a friend and you’ll have to drive them home, you shall need it as proof of your age.

5. Parking ticket

If you had to purchase a special parking ticket for attending the festival, don’t forget to carry that too!

6. Comfortable shoes

If you’re attending a dance festival, make sure you wear shoes that are snug and comfortable. You would obviously want to show off those stylish pairs of stilettos, but remember to mix both comfort and style. For the best collection of trendy footwear, check out

Habbot’s footwear is made in Italy using only the finest materials and is designed exclusively in Melbourne. So the next time you want lovely-looking pairs of heels or sneakers, Habbot should be your one and only choice!

7. Your phone

This is another essential item you just can’t afford to forget. From making calls to figuring out the location of the festival- your phone is going to take care of all that. So be sure to carry your precious phone at all times with you (a phone with a full battery, preferably!).

8. Charger

You don’t need to carry this at the festival itself, but having a power bank or portable charger still helps. If you have traveled from a different country or locality to attend the festival, having a charger is essential or else your phone will run out of battery while you take videos and snaps, and then you’ll end up in big trouble. So carry a charger with you when you’re going to a different destination.

9. Tent

For a comfortable night of sleep, carry a lightweight but sturdy tent. Choose one that suits the weather of your destination. A simple tent from Walmart should do the trick.

10. Sleeping bag

Lastly, a sleeping bag is important if you’re going to attend a festival in a place where it freezes almost all year. Get plastic wrap too if you think it’ll rain.

Over to you…

These were ten essential items you must have for attending any festival in any place. To ensure a safe and wonderful experience, have a checklist of these ten items beforehand.

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