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10 Cool Truck Parts That Will Make You Say “Damn!”

10 Cool Truck Parts That Will Make You Say

Truck parts that help make a standard vehicle more capable, efficient and stylish are not only fun to work on, but they can help make it a better performer as well. They might also save you some money since parts that perform well are less likely to need repairs or replacement in the long run.

Here are ten truck parts in Sydney that will make you say, “Damn!”

1.   Armor All Truck Radiator Hoses

These hoses should be replaced when your radiator gets older than five years old. The rubber sheath can crack and leak, causing your coolant system to overheat. A dirty or clogged radiator can lead to major engine damage, which is why it’s important to keep these hoses clean and change them annually.

2.   A Bury-Shield Cable Lock

This cable lock is designed specifically for trucks, with a heavy-duty bolt and lock that can’t be cut with any tool. It’s made of super-strong stainless steel and has a keyhole slot at each end so it can be attached to objects on both sides of the vehicle. It’s TSA-approved, so it’s perfect for locking your truck during travel.

3.   Air Brakes  

Air brakes work by compressing air in what is essentially a giant shock absorber. This gives the driver more control over stopping distances and allows for smoother braking overall. They also allow trucks to stop faster and require less effort from the driver. If your rig doesn’t have good air brakes, you’ll find yourself constantly fighting to keep your truck stopping.

4.   Truck Grille

A Truck Grille is one of the first things people notice when looking at your truck. Obviously, it has to go through rigorous testing and safety regulations before it hits the market, but there are many different options when it comes to design. For example, if you’re looking for something classy (but not too flashy), how about real wood? Sure it might cost a bit more, but you won’t find anything cooler than a wooden grille on your brand new truck.

5.   Platform lift kit

This gives your truck some much-needed ground clearance and allows you to run larger tires with less worry of rubbing. It also makes it easier to add on body armor. The higher you go, the more expensive it gets, though.

6.   Fifth wheel hitch

This is an interesting option if you haul a lot of camping equipment or other stuff in the bed of your truck. It amounts to a hitch that extends into the bed, giving you additional tie-down points.

7.   Sidebar steps

These are like running boards, and only they run on the side of your truck instead of the front and back. They’ll give you a place to rest your feet when climbing into the cab or clean your wheels without getting soaked.

8.   Truck bed rack

This is a must-have upgrade if you enjoy spending time outdoors away from cities and towns. Truck racks allow you to haul camping equipment and other gear without risking damage from road debris.

9.   Taillights

Taillights are important safety features on all vehicles, but they’re even more crucial on large trucks that may be harder to see in busy traffic due to their size. Truck tail lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional rectangular units to those shaped like arrows or flames. You can also find some with neon accents that produce a cool effect at night. If you want your vehicle to be safe and stand out at the same time, choose one of these cool truck parts.

10.   Truck running boards

Getting up and down from the road can be difficult without help from a step or other device for large trucks. Running boards are metal frames that connect to your vehicle’s cab and provide easy access between it and the road.

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