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List of Things What Makes People Crazy About the Festival of Diwali



You must have heard it time and again that people are crazy for Diwali but have you wondered what makes this festival so lovable? Well, it is not just one thing that makes Diwali this special, but many factors combine to make it a grand festival. Diwali is just not a festival, it is a feeling that all people irrespective of their caste or religion, share. It is an important festival and we all celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm from north to south, east to west. You can witness the craze of this day all around the country. Not only in India, but the festival also has its fans all around the world.

Basically, what we love about Diwali and why we are crazy about this festival is that it brings in happy vibes. Everything and everyone around you seems happy, it’s like festivity is in the air. India is really a whole different land as Diwali is approaching. Here are some awesome things about Diwali that makes it so loved festival all around the globe.

Family Reunions

What makes Diwali so special is the fact that on this very day, everyone flew back to their houses. Your pals, family member, or favorite neighbor you have been missing a lot, everyone tends to come back. Blame it on our thirst for a better life, however, individuals today are so occupied with work that they can scarcely get time to invest with family and friends. Celebrations like Diwali are among those rare events when individuals from the family can actually put a stay to their work duties and meet up with their loved ones and have fun. Diwali is supposed to be celebrated amongst your people. So, this festival is actually a social affair with the family members you haven’t seen in some time can be an ideal method to celebrate Diwali. Your friends will soon be coming home, isn’t Diwali worth the wait.

Unfolding Diwali Gifts

Ah! One of my things about Diwali, Diwali gifts. As we all know that Diwali gifts are an important part of the Diwali celebration. People start buying Diwali gifts for friends, family, close ones, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, etc. at least a month ago. The market places are filled with thousands of colorful Diwali gifts, buying gifts for your loved ones is sure exciting. Seeing their happy face when you present your gift to them, that feeling is priceless (provided that your gift is good). But you know what is more exciting? Receiving gifts. It is one of the best things about Diwali when you receive fancy gifts and you get to unbox them. Who does not like receiving gifts, anyway? It just adds a pinch of excitement to the festivity.

New Ethnic Clothes

Out of many other things that make Diwali such a lovable festival, one if new clothes. Not everyone, but people who like to dress up, get festive ready will agree with me on this point. It is a tradition that on this very day, people wear new clothes. It is considered auspicious, so new clothes are mostly on the list. People dress up in ethnic wear and then meet their friends and family. Getting ready for this day is exciting as you get to flaunt your ethnic look and you can click pictures because a Diwali selfie for your social media account is mandatory, right? Shopping for new clothes, accessories for your Diwali wardrobe is just so soul-satisfying and so is wearing them. Plus, since this year the number of weddings to attend was less, Diwali is your chance to get dressed your best.

Bumper Diwali Sales

How can I miss mentioning the extra benefits that you get in the name of Diwali? Another thing that makes people crazy about Diwali is the amazing super-saving Diwali sales. As you would know, just like Christmas, Diwali is also a festival when there are sales going on in the whole country because we are all in the festive mood. Some people actually wait for these sales to buy anything. These sales start at least a month ahead of Diwali and you get some really amazing offers that make it a day worth waiting for. Be it online or offline, it’s all sale, sale, sale. Isn’t it something we all like about Diwali?

Treats, day and night For us Indian, it’s all about treats. Celebrations in India are set apart by some quintessential dishes readied as a major aspect of the festivals especially Diwali. You can amaze your relatives by cooking an excellent blowout or shock them with a fantastic early treat box of Diwali sweets upon the arrival of the celebration. Sweet shops are flooded with people because there is a sweet smell literally floating in the air which allures you in the shops.

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Best Entertainment Websites in 2020



Best Entertainment Websites in 2020

Welcome to our blog guys. As we will see that thanks to this epidemic, most are frustrated thanks to lockdown or becoming boring reception. As malls or movie theatres also are closed thanks to lockdown and it affects our entertainment. If you’re the one who is becoming bored reception and not getting any entertainment then you do not have to worry about it in the least. As, here during this article, we are getting to tell you tons of data about a number of the simplest entertainment websites in 2020.

With the assistance of those websites, you’ll easily be able to get an entire package of entertainment by watching movies, shows, web series here which helps you to feature some fun in your life. So, if you would like to understand more about these websites then you’re required to read this text till the top in order that you’ll get to understand the entire information about these websites. So, stop wasting your site and begin exploring these sites to observe much entertaining content by sitting on your bed by drinking a hot cup of tea.

These websites help you to get the best collection of movies and shows which will be able to entertain you any time. Due to lockdown and COVID-19, people avoid going out of their home, and staying home for a long period of time is boredom. If you are the one who is getting bored with them then these websites will help you to change your mind and provide you a complete package of entertainment. So, if you want to know about these websites then you must need to read this article till the end so that you will get to know the complete information about these websites in a detailed manner.

Best Entertainment Website in 2020

If you’re really becoming bored and can’t find some content to entertain yourself then worrying about it. By visiting these websites, you’ll easily find a number of the simplest content to observe it once you are becoming bored. So, now, simply read this text until the top to urge to understand the entire information about these entertainment websites in 2020.


First of all, within the list of best entertainment websites in 2020, geektv is one of the websites which appears at the highest. this is often one of the foremost famous websites within the entertainment world. Sometimes, it’s really hard to seek out or access this website as this website keeps changing its domain. On this website, you’ll easily be able to access various sorts of content like movies, tv shows and therefore the better part is that here, you’ll easily be able to watch many famous web series also.

If you’re keen on observing web series then it’s one of the simplest websites for you. The simplest part about this website is that this website updates its content on a daily basis whenever any new movies, show, or web series gets released then it’ll be available on this website to observe freed from cost. This website is totally liberal to access and you do not have to register yourself on this website.

Bored Panda

It is one of the foremost famous websites of entertainment. This website provides an enormous collection of content and also it contains various categories. Bored Panda will provide you a number of great, relatable, and awesome content to observe on the day today. If you’re becoming bored reception and need to entertain yourself then you need to visit this website to observe the available content on this website. We assure you that a bored panda will entertain you completely.


If we mention NOXX then we’ll tell you that it’s one among the foremost beautiful websites which provide various TV shows in HD quality. On the homepage of this website, you’ll be able to select featured TV shows from the menu of this website and also on the timeline of this website. Also, on the menu bar of this website, you’ll see an inquiry bar by which you’ll easily look for a selected content that you’re willing to observe. it’s having an enormous library of content.


With the assistance of LookMovie, you’ll watch TV shows and films during an HD quality and also you’ll get a choice to change the standard of content as per the speed of your internet. Also, you’ll be able to filter the content by the year, genre, and also by the ratings also. Aside from this thing, you’ll find the content as per the discharge date or by the ratings provided by the IMDb. The cons of this website are that it’ll show many ads to get revenue.


If you’re checking out a number of the simplest entertainment websites in 2020 then got to “> you want to need to realize YesMovies. This website provides the robust filter and also the categorization features which work properly within the UI theme alongside the ads. Also, on this website, you’ll easily be able to filter the films as per their release date, highly viewed, and also by the ratings of IMDb. Also, here you’ll look for the content on the country basis and genre basis, and every one the content which was available on this website is top quality.

Final Verdict:

So, these are a number of the simplest entertainment websites in 2020. If you would like to entertain yourself then you want to inspect these websites to urge a number of the simplest content to observe. If you like this content then do not forget to share this article with others and also if you’ve got any query or question then simply drop your query within the below-given comment section. Also, if these websites are helpful for you and help you to keep entertaining you then just drop a comment and tell us about your favorite website in the below-given comment section so that we will also get to know about that website and start entertaining ourselves as well.

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Hiring from TikTok – I am not Kidding



Hiring from TikTok

Yes, it’s true, you can make your future through Tiktok!
Just ask me, how?
TikTok has millions of user & I am also one of them, types of people are there making funny videos, showing their creativity, art, talent, etc.
But you know lots of celebrity and famous personality people also started using TikTok, because of lockdown. They are entertaining to people and yourself also.
So let’s move on to the topic.

What I Found on TikTok?

I was scrolling TikTok Videos and watching funny videos, then Recently I saw that there was one person, He is poor but talented, His name is – Deepak Singad, he makes videos related to dance & also I like their video very much, He is a very good dancer.
But there, in TikTok also is a dance master Terence Lewis, I hope you know to the Terence Lewis, he is an Indian Dancer, choreographer & specializing in contemporary dance. He also runs the Reality Dance Show. You can check Terence Instagram Here –

During the lockdown, he also started using TikTok then Terence saw Deepak ‘s dance video, and what happened, see here –

So basically what Terence saying – He is appreciating to Deepak and calling to Deepak for India’s Best Dancer Show. I think it’s a big opportunity for Deepak to grab it. You can watch more Videos of Deepak, a user link is mentioned above.

so, guys what I want to say that keep moving & working and do your work with dedication with your pure heart no need any kind of support if you have talent, people will love you & support you. Lots of features & app available in the market to show your talent so just utilize it, you can see how people are changing own life through TikTok & why you can’t.

Stay tunes at Lemony Blog to read new & amazing content. I hope you will like it, don’t forget to talk in the comment section, I will see and reply.

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Martyn Eaden Wiki: Chrissy Metz’s Ex-Husband



chrissy metz husband martyn eaden

‘This Is US’ fame Chrissy Metz took up the when she first starred in the American television series aired in 2016. There has been no speed breaker to her success since then. Besides her work and career, the plus-size actress has been into the limelight for her relationship issues with her Ex-husband Martyn Eaden. It’s been over half a decade since the duo parted ways. Both of them have been seen moving ahead in their lives. After Martyn, Metz went into two other relationships but the one with her him still remains the most controversial. Here is all you need to know about Kate Pearson aka, Chrissy Metz’s real-life partner Martyn Eaden.

Martyn Eaden Biography

Martyn Eaden rose to fame after marrying beauteous actress Chrissy Metz in 2008. The two went into a long-distance relationship before tying the knot in 2008 after a yearlong relationship. The low key Martyn has never been much of a social person. His introvert nature makes it really hard to discover any personal details about him.

Martyn Eaden Biography

Chrissy’s Ex-husband is known to be a copywriter by profession. The UK citizen, Eaden is known for his great work of screenplay writing in many of the good movies. His popular works include the horror film Death Factory released in 2014 and Spurned 2016.

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Eaden’s Early Life and Childhood

Martyn, as mentioned aforesaid, has been keen on keeping his personal life undercover.  There ain’t thus, any detail available related to his birth, birthplace, family, childhood, or education. The only information out about him not related to Metz is that he holds a UK nationality. Post-divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, he stepped back into ‘avoid limelight mode.’ There is hardly any picture of him available with his Ex-wife, the popular actress Chrissy Metz. People thus, often confuse him with Metz’s other boyfriend Josh Stancil.

 Chrissy’s Ex Martyn’s Career

Martyn Eaden works as a professional freelance screenplay writer, and copywriter privately. He became a common name in Metz fandom after marrying her. Although, there aren’t too many facts about his career available. His popular works grabbed him quite fame from films Death Factory, 2014, and Spurned 2016.  He is known to earn quite a handsome amount for working in the Production crew of the movies.

Martyn Eaden Net Worth

Martyn despite being unpopular unlike his Ex-Wife still earns quite a good fortune for a commoner. At an average, ‘This Is US’ fame, Chrissy Metz’s Partner earns $60k to $100k per screenplay. However, his overall net worth still remains under covers. While his Ex. rules over the hefty net worth of over $7Million. With both of their career working great this amount is bound to increase over the years.

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Chrissy Metz & Martyn Eaden Marriage, Relationship & Divorce

Martyn and Chrissy’s love story isn’t unknown to their fans. The two met on an online dating app in 2006. Soon followed in the saga of flying in and out of LA by Martyn to visit Metz every now and then. The two kept in touch over mail for over a year. Taking in the lead, Martyn went ahead to propose Metz into a marriage. In the year 2008, the duo tied the knot in Santa Barbara, California in a private ceremony. 

After living into a marriage for over 5 years, the called it quits for some personal reasons. It was Eaden who came ahead and filed the divorce citing irreconcilable differences amidst them in the application in November 2014. The case did not follow any custody battle as the two did not share any kids together. The divorce was finalized in December 2015. There were airs of Chrissy’s successful career being the reason behind the divorce.

Martyn & Metz: Life After Divorce

Chrissy Metz engaged in two other relationships post her separation with Martin Eaden. In, 2016, Metz dated the cameraman, Josh Stancil. There were rumors that the two were married for a short span of time. Two years later, she went ahead with composer Han Rosenfeld.

While Martyn stepped back from paparazzi stories and focused on his career. As of now, he is known to be pretty much single. Owing to the fact that he doesn’t accommodate accounts on social media, there aren’t any details available of him, post-divorce.

Check in to Lemony Blog to find more interesting facts about your favorite celebrity.

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