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What is a Certified Scrum Product Owner®Certification & Why Do You Need It?

what is a scrum master

Just like CSM, the Certified Scrum Product Owner®from Scrum Alliance is one of the most in-demand certifications today. A Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) holds the entire narrative of the product development and delivery. A CSPO is responsible for creating the product vision, ordering the Product Backlog, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Key features of the CSPO certification

  • A chance to get trained by the masters of the business, the CSTs
  • Gain up to 16 PDU and 16 SEU credits during the course
  • Access to over 100 digital courses and other resources
  • Interactive Q&A sessions, personalized guidance
  • An empirical learning format for a blended experience
  • Learn how to tackle challenges as a Product owner
  • A Certification from the Scrum Alliance team
  • Constant support via email lists that provide newsletters, webinars, upgradation details
  • A chance to interact with the best Scrum professionals in the industry

Why CSPO certification?

While Scrum continues to conquer the market, the Scrum-handling teams are always in need of a Product owner who knows it all. The Product Owners are the ones who ensure maximum utilization of the Scrum framework and product quality and this could come after a thorough CSPO training.

The CSPO Certification helps you build the trust of the employer and the teams so that prioritizing businesses are no longer considered risky. A CSPO gives the final nod based on his/her expertise in TTM.

This global endorsement can serve as a major highlight in hacking your career since it is currently one of the most challenging yet highly rewarding profiles.

How important are Product Owners?

Product Owners are very important because they:

  • Maintain direct relationships with the stakeholders of the company.
  • Interact directly with the clients/customers to measure a product’s success.
  • Lead the Scrum team members to function efficiently and drive value.

Eligibility Criteria

There is no set of eligibility criteria to attend the CSPO® training, however, having a basic knowledge of Scrum, in a real-world context, would prove to be beneficial.

The CSPO® course is perfect for individuals pursuing or aspiring the following roles

  • Project/Product manager
  • Existing Product owner
  • Software testers/developer
  • Team lead
  • Scrum team member

Steps to get a Product owner certification now:

  1. Get registered with a global REP of Scrum Alliance.
  2. Get background knowledge of Scrum and Agile frameworks using the Manifesto
  3. Take the 2-day long training by certified Scrum Trainers
  4. The CST updates your credentials to the Scrum Alliance site
  5. Your license agreement details are sent for your acceptance
  6. Read and accept the license and then change the login credentials
  7. And lastly, you are provided a downloadable copy of the Product Owner Certification and license.

Get a Certified Scrum Product Owner® Certificationand become an invaluable asset to the industry.

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