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The Life-altering Dangers of Using Tylenol During Pregnancy

Tylenol During Pregnancy

Tylenol autism lawsuits are being filed throughout the United States. These lawsuits are based on the new scientific evidence suggesting that taking Tylenol while pregnant may raise the likelihood of having a child with autism, which is the basis for these new acetaminophen lawsuits. In addition, parents of autistic children have filed an increasing number of product liability lawsuits against makers in response to the emerging research tying Tylenol to autism. The attorneys believe that the growing number of Tylenol autism cases will eventually result in a new class action, and settlement money may be offered to parents and autistic children. Filing a Tylenol Autism Lawsuit requires the help of an attorney since they know more about the legal process and have the experience that will benefit you.

Can You Take Tylenol While Pregnant?

For decades, acetaminophen—most commonly referred to by the well-known brand name Tylenol—has been one of the most frequently used over-the-counter drugs. Numerous aches and pains are treated with Tylenol regularly. Millions of Americans must have undoubtedly taken Tylenol at least once. Weekly use of Tylenol or acetaminophen products is used by about 20 percent of Americans. Until recently, Tylenol was thought to be a risk-free drug with no known side effects. However, acetaminophen is one of the substances used in medicine that is least understood. Acetaminophen helps lower fever and relieve pain, although scientists are still unsure exactly how it does. For a very long time, acetaminophen has been recommended to expectant mothers as the most secure method to treat pain and fever. It has frequently been promoted as the sole pregnancy-safe over-the-counter pain reliever. As a result, the general public now believes that taking Tylenol while pregnant is entirely safe. 

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Recent Findings

Taking Tylenol while pregnant is generally considered safe, especially in the first trimester, provided it is consumed in moderation. However, this perception drastically altered when recent research linked extended Tylenol use during pregnancy with an increased risk of autism and ADHD in offspring. It was discovered that using the painkiller during the second and third trimesters increased this risk. Use of Tylenol during pregnancy can lead to ADHD. Consuming acetaminophen or Tylenol while expecting increases the child’s risk of getting ADHD and other significant disorders. A UCLA study found that using Tylenol for more than twenty weeks of pregnancy increased a child’s risk of developing ADHD by 50 percent. However, parents may be able to file a lawsuit to seek restitution because manufacturers neglected to inform customers about these risks. 

The families who have been affected can file lawsuits to receive financial compensation even though there are no guarantees of a settlement. This is because a Tylenol autism or ADHD lawsuit payment may eventually be affected by a range of particular elements in each claim. Therefore, there is still time for you to become involved in the Tylenol autism lawsuit and receive the justice and compensation to you are entitled to.

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