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Tutorial On How to Use AI Text to Speech in Voicely Software

Voicely Software

With the constant development of different AI text-to-speech technology, one must be confused as to which text-to-speech software best suits their personal or professional needs. In general, text-to-speech technology was first developed to save people’s lives, and now it’s been used in every industry possible. From Businesses to education institutions to smart gadgets in your house, text to speech technology can be indispensable. We will be diving into this tool more by analyzing one of TTS software: Voicely by Vidtoon™.

You have probably heard of the different smart assistance companies that have been developing to ease people’s lives. The most famous among them is arguably Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google assistant. Back in the day, you would consider searching in a dictionary or asking experienced people if you’re looking for a word definition. Now, you can just ask the internet to provide the full answer, and it’s pretty much correct!.

Text to speech technology is a type of assistive technology. Its main function is to read digital text loudly. TTS can take words on a computer and generate them into voices. The technology was first developed to help people with visual impairment access their basic rights to knowledge. Written documents were converted to audio files to help this community. With the overall shift and growth in the business world, tech companies have used the same text-to-speech technology for other purposes.

This shift in consumption urged tech specialists to improve this technology and update it to render high-quality voices and maximum positive results. Therefore, even though the core purpose of developing such a tool was for humanitarian causes, it was only after it was industrialized in a business context that we got to experience its full potential.

In a business context, text-to-speech technology was able to enhance customer experience with voice services that helped minimize employees’ workload. It allowed businesses to establish effective branding across all platforms by using the same voice throughout their marketing strategy. Investing in a text to speech software will save you time and money. The content can easily be done and text to speech software is usually forgiving, meaning there’s a possibility to go back and edit your work.

Beside Businesses, text to speech technology can be implemented in various other industries based on its need. Even content creators publishing videos on Youtube platforms can use text to speech but to a certain extent. To Find out more, visit this blog post.

Different Usage of Text to Speech Technology

The world is progressing toward a more attainable internet of the future. Some people may not need text to speech but they will certainly want it in their personal or professional lives. You can add text to speech technology whenever you feel it will serve better than the standard solution. The possibilities are endless.

Who would decline an offer to make life easier and much more efficient?

Text to Speech for Educational Purposes

Many types of research have been conducted to analyze human behavior. more than 70% of people are visual and audible learners which explains why many students excel in modules with visual or audio materials. Learners grasp more information delivered in audio and visual formats, which is also known as bimodal learning.

The perfect combination for learning is mixing auditory and visual techniques by using technology. Professors can generate an audio format of their lectures and share it with students to follow along. This proofreading technique is known to enhance quality information for students. It can also serve as a resource for students to look back on.

AudioBooks for the Ride

Bookaholics can also benefit from text-to-speech technology. It is true that, for people who love reading books, the whole experience counts. From buying hardcover books, flipping through its pages, the smell of old books, adding remarks, and highlighting your favorite parts, people who appreciate reading do acknowledge these elements. However, it’s not always accessible to read your favorite book due to different circumstances.

However, with advanced technology, you can now use text to speech to convert any text into an audio file and listen to it throughout the day. You get to choose the voice you would like to narrate the book. This is a great way if you’re a multitasker, the type of person that needs to be listening to something in order to fully focus on other things. You can also listen to audiobooks in your car journey, following along with a lecture, or any of your everyday tasks.

Technology-leading experts have concluded that online content will be converted automatically to audio in the near future so more people will get to enjoy the content all the time.

Text to speech for Visual impairment

Even though text to speech technology was first created for the visually impaired, it was still in its early stages and could only reach its full capacity recently. Institutions responsible for the visually impaired can use the advanced technique of text to speech to prepare audio materials for different kinds of situations. These audio files could be educational materials these people can use in schools, or integrate into their phones for easy access.

Since text to speech software is easy to use and provides training videos to understand how this tool works, the visually impaired could even use this software on their own. We will see in our next part how Voicely software can be used by anyone, literary.

Besides the visually impaired, people who suffer from chronic migraines, eye problems, or anyone who finds it difficult to focus for a certain period of time or browse the internet can use text to speech. The idea is that you need to have a text format, or you can write your material yourself, and generate it as a voice. As simple as that.

Foreign languages Backup

People learning a new language will find text-to-speech helpful. Studies show that learning a new language can be reinforced if accompanied by an audio file. Listening skills are part of learning any foreign language. You probably notice that all foreign language textbooks have a CD attached or a link to access audio materials. The reason for that is the importance of learning how words are pronounced, tonality, the structure of sentences, and more!

In case you don’t possess any textbooks, text to speech software can come in handy. Voicely has almost 50 languages and more than 500 voices available.  You can just copy any text and choose from a wide list of languages to generate, download and use the audio to follow the course.

Detailed Tutorial to Use Voicely for your Text to Speech Projects

Voicely is a web app with a number of exciting features. Besides generating your text in audio formats, you can customize the voice to work based on your requirements.

The only thing you need to prepare before working on Voicely is to have your script ready.

Writing a script is no easy task. If you have an already written text that you would like to generate audio for, it can be done in a few seconds. However, for people who need to create a project from scratch, then having a script first is crucial to saving time and energy.

Step 1: Log in to Voicely account

Since Voicely is a paid software, you will need to purchase it first. You will receive login details straight after payment.

Log in to Voicely account
Log in to Voicely account

Step 2: Add your Text

Once you access Voicely, you can add your text straight away. The app is user-friendly and streamlined. All features are clear and concise. You can browse the features yourself without the need to check any training video.

Add your Text
Add your Text

Step3: Customize your Text

Customization will help you personalize your text and avoid your material sounding like computer voices. You can add breaks in between sentences and work around different word elements like numbers. You can also change the pitch and speed of the voice.

Customize your Text
Customize your Text

Step4: Choose your Voice

Voicely has more than 50 languages. They range from popular language and others spoken in minority groups. Each language has a number of voices, both female and Male and some even have children’s voices.

Choose your Voice
Choose your Voice

Step5: Generate your Voice

After creating and pre-editing is done, it’s time to generate the audio. The process takes from 2 sec to 1 min and it’s based on the length of your text.

The cool thing about Voicely is that you can even add a background soundtrack to your audio file. We all know how frustrating it is to use free copyrighted music and not stress about whether your material will get deleted or in the worst scenarios received a fine.

Voicely has a selection of music to choose from, or you can upload your own music if you are planning on creating a project and need to brand your work using your own music.

Generate your Voice
Generate your Voice

Once you generate, you can now download your audio. The file is in MP3, which is a universal audio format. It can be used in any material.

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