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Top 7 Marketing Tactics In Higher Education to Increase Student Enrollment

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Are you looking to increase student enrollment at your institution? Read on to learn about the best marketing tactics for admissions to higher educational institutions. The downturn of enrollment post-Covid pandemic has turned the focus to digital marketing agencies for educational institutes. Here we have enlisted the top 7 marketing tactics in higher education for effective solutions to increase admissions.

Top 7 Marketing Strategies in Higher Education: 

  1. Grow your social media presence to engage with students-

Social media marketing enables you to create a huge social media presence online so prospects can weigh in on their options before enrolling. Pick platforms where teenagers spend most of their online time, for example- Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, investing in various platforms is suggested if you are targeting students internationally. An appealing post on scholarships, rankings, and infrastructure engages students to enroll. Social media marketing is essential to connect and garner brand image with prospects.

  1. Target your group via personalized emails using Artificial Intelligence-

The best way to optimize your engagement rate with the target group is via email marketing. One such higher education marketing strategy is to make your institution stand out from other colleges and universities. The best ways to edge out your competitors are informative personalized emails. Sending personalized letters via email increases your institution’s overall image. You can customize your information to prospective students’ interests with personalized emails. Several digital marketing agencies for educational institutes offer paid services for promoting brands with customized advertisements via emails.

  1. Improve your Search Engine Optimization with Valuable Content-

Content marketing helps to use various content about college to keep prospects engaged. When you create content, you establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority which is immensely valuable to prospective students. In addition, keeping your content exciting and fresh will help you reach more people! Promoting your institution’s overall brand image with an appealing virtual tour is one such content marketing method.

  1. Manage your overall Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)-

Keeping track of marketing expenditures is essential for running an effective student enrollment. One of the ways is to standardize the Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) to track the effectiveness of marketing awareness. Few KPI’s include:

  • Call to action conversion rates;
  • Traffic sources;
  • Social media engagement. 

Digital marketing services in India offer various paid services for the increase in yearly admissions. Such paid services can be tracked whether or not the marketing campaigns are effective via KPI’s.

  1. Promote your brand via Alumni Testimonials-

Testimonials are one of the best video marketing strategies for higher education. This tactic catches your target groups’ attention with an increased engagement rate. Students are more likely to be involved with video than text. Hence, an alum testimonial via video is a great tactic to showcase its brand image. Personalized testimonials from alums of different programs will allow you to increase the engagement rates of prospective students.

  1. Customize your website into a digitally friendly brand with a unique web design-

An institute’s website is the first encounter for prospective students. A website should be aesthetically pleasing to appeal to a larger number of clients. Showcase the quality of your university using statements backed by successful placements among the alumni. Web personalized pages must be responsive and mobile-friendly to optimize conversions. A website has to function well on desktops, mobile and tablets. Being data-driven in your approach will help optimize conversions.  

  1. Use Chatbots and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisement- 

Use Chatter Bots for websites to respond to students’ inquiries 24/7. This acts as a quick and personal service to meet the needs of prospective students. It clarifies many queries about specific programs, courses, or interests. PPC advertisement is a method that has the power to drive qualified prospects to your webpage. These digital marketing services in India offer digital advertising to increase enrollments via conversation marketing tactics.  


The drive to brand your institution digitally needs effective marketing campaigns to increase student enrollment. For digital marketing strategies to be effective, the conversion rates from prospects to students, along with the traffic of website sources, must be tracked. It is not easy to track the results with old-school marketing tactics. However, digital marketing agencies for educational institutes have made it easy to oversee the effects of the increase in the enrollment of students.

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