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Wineries In Napa: Top 5 Boutique Wine Farms Ranked

Wineries In Napa

Historic architecture, romantic ambiance, golden light, and lush scenery are all included when you are going for a wine tasting in Napa Valley of California. 

It is not at all a simple wine tasting. Those are not just wineries; they are boutique wine farms. The crucial factor to consider while choosing the grapes is one of the things that make this place a perfect wine tasting. 

You will never be out of options to choose from because there are over 400 wineries there in Napa and Sonoma. In the 1970s, Napa Valley had only 15 wineries, and today they have more than enough. 

The boutique wine farms of Napa are offering more than all those usual wineries. And that is why you should take a tour there. For every occasion and every demand, you will find something there. 

Top 5 Boutique Wine Farms Ranked In Napa

Although you have a lot of options to choose from, when you are planning your trip, you simply can not go through the details of each and every winery and then select one. 

We are here to make your job simpler and easier. Here are the top 5 boutique wine farms ranked in Napa. On the basis of the visitors’ reviews, this list is made. Now, let’s have a look at them. 

B.R. Cohn Winery

It’s one of the best wine farms in Napa that you must visit when you are in Napa. This amazingly designed wine farm has outdoor seating arrangements and also allows pets. That means you can enjoy a sunny morning with the best breakfast wine sitting beside your lovely pooch. 

The owner of the winery is also the manager of the band, the Doobie Brothers; they play much better music than any other wineries in the location. The friendly staff will make your time more enjoyable and will make it hard to leave. 


Melier is one of the best wine producers across the globe. Although they have multiple locations, Napa is one of the best for them. Thai adversity Cellars projects are from Heidi Bevan and Russel. They have designed the showcasing sites with unique flavors and textural profiles from vineyards. 

The best part about the Melier membership is that you do not need to spend anything to join, but you will get access to all those early releases and special offers, along with insider tips. Their motto is quite simple: taste, experience, learn and join. 

Sequoia Grove Winery

If you want to visit Sequoia Grove Winery, we will recommend you book your slots prior to tastings. Although during those not-so-busy days, you might end up getting an opportunity to taste their fine wine. 

If you want to buy a bottle and want to enjoy that in their backyard, you obviously can. The amazing staff will never be tired of swerving your glass after glass when you decide to enjoy it. If you take the membership of their wine club, you will also get a discount on your buys. 

Hendry Vineyard And Winery

We will recommend you go for their wine at Hendry Vineyard And Winery. You need to pay a certain amount for wine tasting. But in case you are buying a wine of an equal amount of the tasting or higher, your tasting will become free. 

You will also be provided with a pen, clipboard, and wine listing in order to take notes when you are drinking. You will have one of the amazing testing experts who will tell you all about the wine firm and its family history. 

Verve Napa Valley

Verve Napa Valley is one of those boutique wineries that you will want to visit repeatedly. When you want to make your day outing special for any type of reason, you can rely on them. You just need to tell them what exactly you want on your tour. 

The rest will be handled by them completely, and the best part is that you do not need to regret that. If you are really doubtful about any other winners and visiting Napa for the first time, you can always choose this one. 

Final Talks

So, now you have a shortened list of top boutique wine farms in Napa. Now you just need to pick up one of them as per your choice and requirements and make a call to book a wine tasting slot. 

Once you are done with that, choose the best possible route and get ready to explore a luxurious and amazing wine-tasting experience that you will remember your whole life.

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