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Top 5 Best Diaper Bags

Best Diaper Bags

It’s no news that babies tend to carry a lot more than they can even hold, poor parents, so much to tag along! But, how? There can be no other answer to this question, repeat after us, the best diaper bag, period.

Take it from us, diaper bags will be your invaluable lifeline to your sanity. Baby diapers, bottles, toys, food, you name it and these diaper bags will help you carry them, all in one!

Nevertheless, the only hiccup here is when it comes to choosing one. With the wide availability, style, color, types, what can you choose? We understand the hassle, which is why, to help you out, we have accumulated a list of the best diaper bags for you to choose from.

But first;

What Are The Different Types Of Diaper Bags Available?

Shopping for a diaper bag could be an overwhelming process, but what makes it easier is knowing the considering factors, such as, who need to use it? How much are you planning to carry? How many kids do you have?

Once you have these answers sorted, the process of choosing What?  becomes easier. Here are the different kinds of diaper bags that you can choose from:

  • Backpack diaper bags – A backpack diaper bag allows you to carry baby accessories and help you to stay hands-free with equal weight distribution
  • Diaper Bag Tote – These diaper bags come with two long straps that one can carry over the shoulder
  • A messenger bag – This diaper bag has a long strap that can be worn over one shoulder and/or crossbody
  • Diaper Clutch – A fancy pick, this a small diaper bag that is portable and can fit the bare essentials

Here Are The Top 5 Best Diaper Bags of 2021 To Consider:

Looking for the best diaper bag? Here is a list for you to look into. Don’t forget to consider the pros and cons to make sure you pick the right one!

1) AllCamp Large Zebra Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is made using nylon that includes a changing pad, more than ten insulated pockets, zipper closure, and three insulated pockets for baby bottles.

It also has a larger pocket on the exterior that can be used to put wet/used baby items, separating them from the dry and clean baby products. In addition to this, the AllCamp Zebra diaper bag also includes straps that can be hooked to the stroller, has padded shoulder straps, and is easy to clean if and when dirty.


  • Provide large space for baby products
  • Is waterproof
  • The type and color makes it easy for easy to pair with most outfits


  • Is costlier than other diaper bags on the list

2) Bag Nation Backpack Diaper Bag

Bag Nation’s backpack diaper bag is made of twill polyester and has stroller straps, a sundry bag, and changing pad. It is durable, water-resistant, and has 14 different-sized pockets that make it much easier to organize. Plus, its insulated pocket helps you hold many bottles at once.


  • Comes with multiple pockets to help organize baby products and also keep them clean
  • The straps of the stroller save you from a lot of heavy lifting
  • Can be easily attached to a stroller
  • After the baby grows, it can also be used as a normal backpack, making it extremely durable


  • Is expensive

3) Ju-Ju-Be Multi-Convertible Diaper Bag

This diaper bag comes with two pockets that are insulated, keeping the baby bottles cold or warm, is roomy, and has padded compartments. The best part is that the diaper bag backpack is convertible, that is, can be converted into a messenger bag with straps.


  • It has a crumb drain that lets the bag remain clean
  • Comes with insulated bottle pockets for bottles and food
  • Is convertible
  • Roomy


  • Most parents complained that the zippers get off easily

4) Skip Hop Forma Diaper Bag Backpack

This is a stand-alone diaper bag backpack that allows the parents to stay organized, has numerous pockets, and compartments. Its front compartment includes two multi-purpose cubes to carry baby products like bottles, baby wipes, and food.

The Skip Hop diaper bag also has a mesh panel, spacious elasticized interior pockets that can be easily attached to the stroller, and has cushioned shoulder straps.


  • Is a stands alone backpack diaper bag
  • Comes with two multi-purpose storage cubes
  • Can be easily attached to a stroller


  • The shoulder straps are not nicely padded

5) HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack

This diaper bag from HaloVa is best for moms who are breastfeeding as it has mostly everything to store the breast milk and bottles safely. Its compartment in the front features multi-layer insulation, with three bottle pockets, is waterproof, and comes with side pockets and many interior pockets, allowing you to carry things with much more ease.


  • Has a sleek design
  • Comes with 16 options for colors
  • Has handles
  • The front compartment can hold three slim baby bottles


  • The diaper bag doesn’t come with stroller attachments

To Conclude: Choosing Diaper Bags

Here is a checklist to help you pick the right diaper bag for yourself:

  • Make sure that the diaper bag is stylish yet compatible
  • Isn’t out of your budget
  • Is made using good soft and durable materials
  • Has multiple compartments
  • Is easy to carry
  • Is of the perfect size
  • Has a waterproof lining
  • Is durable in nature

FAQs: Top 5 Best Diaper Bags – The 2021 Edition!

1) What’s better? A baby diaper bag or a backpack diaper bag?

When you are to carry a newborn, backpack diaper bags are considered to be the best picks as it leaves your hands-free, giving you enough space and freedom to keep your baby safe. Adding on, a backpack diaper bag helps to distribute the weight evenly and is well balanced.

2) Is it really necessary to have a diaper bag?

As we’ve mentioned in the article above, a baby requires a lot more to carry and a baby diaper bag works just perfectly to store it all in one go. Even if you are minimalist parents, a diaper bag is a must-have for toting diapers, wipes, change of clothes, extra pacifiers, bottles, toys, etc.

3) Should a diaper bag have an insulated pocket?

As in any other bag, pockets, and compartments, both in and out add to the functionality of a diaper bag. These insulated pockets help to keep the baby’s bottle warm or cold too.

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