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Tips to Improve Your HVAC System

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Every HVAC system, when working as it should, changes the temperature of the air in an indoor environment. Many parts allow this operation to work faultlessly.

Although regular maintenance is recommended for your HVAC to remain this way, some processes done by you can improve its function overall. It involves little or no meddling with your HVAC’s interior parts. Read the tips, following them directly, or combining them with your ideas.

Know your HVAC First

The key to improving your HVAC is through understanding how it works. To do that, you must know the type of AC in your possession. Is it ducted, in a window, or ductless? Find the manual for the HVAC and see if there are recommendations by the company that you can follow.


To get started, understand that improvements you make are relevant to the HVAC’s heating and cooling. A clean HVAC is a healthy HVAC. Make sure that all exterior and interior components of your HVAC are tidy.

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You could even be a detailed clean from time to time. However, try to avoid cleaning anything that you’re uncomfortable with handling. For that, an HVAC technician can assist in clearing the fans, ducts or exchanging them for newer parts.

Clean or Update the Filters

Being outside for a day when there are lots of allergens in the air isn’t fun. But a neglected HVAC filter can push some of the particulates from the outside into your home. Most disposable filters are made of fiberglass, lasting roughly one month and then discarded after.

Some disposables are longer lasting, however, such as the sheets with pleat folds. Some of these can go from six months or even longer. But for permanent filters, try and clean them monthly to keep the allergens down.

Make Updates Wherever You Can

Some old HVACs have issues but can perform just as well as new models. If you don’t want to shell out the investment for a newer HVAC, try working on what you have already. Buy a new thermostat that detects temperature better. Uninstall ducts or vents if there are cracks in them.

Better Insulate Your Walls and Windows

Even the most advanced HVAC won’t work well in a house or apartment that’s poorly insulated.

Not everyone needs insulation, especially people residing in regions that receive warm air for most of the year. But anyone experiencing multiple seasons should improve their insulation for empty areas. Start by caulking areas around the windows. Focus on places where there’s a noticeable draft coming from outside when they’re closed.

If you have access to the tools necessary to remove and reinstall drywall, embed mineral or stone wool to the exposed frame and studs. Not everyone has the capacity or knowledge to carry this out, so consider hiring a professional. Insulation between the frames can make your HVAC work better and use less energy to regulate temperature.

Make Improvements Where You Can

Remember to consult an HVAC technician whenever the improvements you desire are beyond your field of expertise. Still, try out the suggestions that you can manage. Your HVAC is guaranteed to work better and last longer.

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