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The Best Free VPN For Windows in 2021

Free VPN For Windows in 2021

Free VPN refers to software that gives you access to VPN server networks. It also provides you with the necessary software without having anything to pay. iTop VPN, in our opinion, is the best free VPN for Windows that does not track, collect or share your data with any other party. You can easily connect with the Internet and have full access to it without buffering. The software does not store the session, information, and IP address of the user. iTop VPN provides you the best stable connection among all VPN service providers.

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Features of iTop VPN

The IP address shown by it is also of another country so that any other user cannot track your address. The traffic data could also be reduced by using this free VPN. You can use any bandwidth data since you know it does not store any information. iTop VPN offers you unlimited access to music, social media, videos, and games. You can even visit the sites that are banned in your country because the IP address given by this amazing tool is of another country. Malware and viruses are easily kept away by using iTop VPN.

Features of iTop VPN
Features of iTop VPN

The VPN has high privacy laws and this is the most reliable Internet provider. You can easily forget about the worry of losing data because it provides you with military-grade protection.  You can get good streaming across the board. It has a zero-log policy and an excellent unlimited data plan. It supports a wide range of Windows inlet functional leak protection.

Benefits of using iTop VPN

  • Your browsing history is also cleared and your network data is encrypted. The company has serviced all around the world and you can easily have access to fast speed data. The connection to the VPN is also without any bandwidth limitations. You can unblock all the streaming services which can be counted as the best feature of the free VPN.
  • It allows you to encrypt your online connection and even boost your security. This gives you military guard protection because the company keeps its priority as privacy of the user. No spy can get your information through the free service.
  • iTop VPN provides fast and secure access to every web content. It also keeps your location and sensitive data secure and private. No third party can access your free data. You can protect your confidentiality by hiding your real IP address.


You can surf the Internet without any restrictions or limitations. Your network connection becomes encrypted and activities always remain secured. This is a no-log VPN software that allows you to share your VPN connection with multiple devices. The server has unlimited server switches that make it one of the best free VPN providers. Your banking transactions are even secured by using this free VPN protection. It enables the users to remain anonymous and encrypt their online traffic. The server even allows you to browse using the secure public Wi-Fi and unblocks every restricted content without any hassle. If you need it, just try it out!

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