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Smart Home Devices: Dorm Room Edition

Smart Home Devices: Dorm Room Edition

University can get exhausting for a lot of students, especially those living in a whole new city away from home. Adjusting into a new environment can be hard, and presently because of a virtual or hybrid model given the recent Covid-19 pandemic. It can get tougher if you have a limited amount of space, topped with sharing the space with a roommate or an apartment mate. This is why Smart Home devices can prove to be quite effective in making your new living space comfortable and convenient, enhancing your lifestyle and being in tune with your routine!

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Here Are Some Smart Home Devices That Can Be Very Useful In A Dorm Room.

1. Smart Bulbs

With workload and a never-ending pile of assignments due every now and then, trying not to pull all-nighters can be very difficult. This is why smart bulbs can be a smart investment since they can provide the perfect ambiance for a comfortable good nights’ sleep, or getting in the mood to study. Not to mention adding a little pop of personality to your dorm room as well!

Additionally, since these bulbs are LED, they are the perfect alternative to the overhead fluorescent lights that are sharp and can overheat too. These smart bulbs come with the functionality to connect to your mobile phones through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and are even compatible with voice assistants as well.

This allows you to control them remotely and wirelessly through your phones or simply with your voice. Some smart bulb variants also come with an added Bluetooth speaker that helps you listen to music, for when you need an ambient sound to focus during finals week, listen to a podcast or help you fall asleep with all that anxiety looming in the air.

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2. Smart Thermostat

Coming home after a long, tiring day of classes during the winter to find your dorm room or your apartment cold, when you just want a warm cup of coffee and a good nap under a warm blanket, can be the worst thing to experience as a student. This is why having a smart thermostat in your dorm room or your apartment can help relieve you of constantly having to change the temperature manually, or coming back only to find the place too cold or too hot to relax in.

With smart thermostats you can create a programmable schedule right from your mobile phone, setting times for when you’ll be at home and when you’ll probably be away for classes during the day. Smart thermostats come with the ability to detect when there’s no movement and save energy while you’re away, and with a programmable schedule that can start to either warm-up or cool down your room before you have to come home. You can also connect it to your smartphone and toggle it however you want if you have a flexible schedule, or have a roommate with a different schedule.

Thermostats such as the Google Nest Thermostat and the Nest Learning Thermostat have a sleek design that can help spruce up your dorm room to make it look more modern. With the help of the Google Nest Temperature Sensor you can control temperatures individually of different rooms within the apartment as well. Compared to other traditionaal thermostats these are easy to install. They are also voice-controlled so you will not even have to get out of your bed, just speak to the thermostat to either turn-up or turn down the temperature easily and seamlessly.

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3. Smart Clock

Waking up on time for your 8 a.m. class after a night out partying or pulling all-nighters to get in your assignments on time can be quite the struggle of course. Smart clocks have the added functionality of being able to be controlled through your voice. Thus, you do not have to worry about forgetting to set an alarm when you are too tired to move a muscle. All you need to do is tell your clock what time to set an alarm for and it will do just that!

Furthermore, since smart clocks can be connected to your smart phones’ calendars, they can even provide you with recommendations to set your alarms for your upcoming days and the week. Comes in pretty handy when you’re swamped with assignments and during midterms too.

4. Smart Cameras

Your dorm room pretty much has all your valuable items, because for your college years that is basically your home. Consequently, if either you or your roommate forget to lock the door, or have people over like for dorm parties or just acquaintances stopping by to hang out, or even when you have leave the dorm to go home for the holidays, it would be wise to install smart cameras around the place. Better to be safe than sorry!

Placing a smart camera is a simple security measure that needs to be taken to add that extra sense of safety. Smart cameras come in a wide variety, and most of them are affordable which is why they won’t really put a dent in your pocket. With Wi-Fi connectivity, 24/7 monitoring of your valuables is possible, and since they connect to your smartphones you will be able to get the live feed from wherever you are. They also feature built-in motion detectors that can trigger alerts and warn the users anytime it detects anybody’s presence.

Did you ever think some smart home devices would be so useful for your dorm room? Well now you know! Head on over to and browse through their catalog of smart products that could come in handy for your roommate and for your apartment.

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