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Top 5 Reasons to Choose KYC Face Verification Services For Businesses in 2023

Technological advancement has created several opportunities for companies in the modern digital world. However, innovation has also enabled criminals to exploit the loopholes in security mechanisms to their advantage. Applying the latest KYC verification solutions can help corporations to deter fraud and ensure compliance with KYC & AML regulatory obligations. This way, companies can easily avoid heavy financial fines and permanent bans from global regulatory bodies. Moreover, KYC face verification services can strengthen customer relationships and secure a strategic advantage for users. 

KYC Face Verification Solutions: A Quick Insight

Facial verification technology has support from AI & ML algorithms that quickly process large volumes of data from customers. Cutting-edge technology streamlines the customer onboarding procedure and prevents spoof attacks, deep fakes and other fraud cases. 

State-of-the-art technology uses liveness detection, 3D depth perception and AI mapping to identify customers’ faces and catch criminals. 

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global face validation market size will grow to around 12.92 billion dollars by 2027, displaying a CAGR of 14.8% during the forecast period (2022 to 2027). 

As per the report, a major growth driver behind the facial recognition market size is a growing demand for advanced video surveillance systems. 

Innovative security systems use thermal technology, CCTVs, 360°, and PTZ cameras. Such equipment offers high security to companies that use them. These advanced approaches facilitate industrial procedures like traffic management, monitoring & maintaining security. 

Notable Five Rationales to Implement KYC Face Verification Systems

The application of facial recognition technology has various advantages for modern-day industries. The following sections discuss the reasons for applying the innovative service. 

Streamlining Authentication Procedure

Biometrics are the security protocols that screen biological features such as faces to validate a customer’s identity. When a customer logs in to the digital account, the biometric security system such as KYC face verification, gathers data to authenticate the client’s identity. The advanced approach discourages hackers from gaining unaccredited access to sensitive data and restricted locations. 

The state-of-the-art system also ensures a positive experience for customers. The cutting-edge approach enhances security and saves time and the company’s capital. For instance, payment gateways use facial features to identify customers and complete financial transactions. This prevents data misuse such as credit card numbers and other account details. 

Ensuring a Positive User Experience

Face recognition security systems offer a foolproof  & seamless approach to authentication as there is no need to remember PINs and passwords. With technological innovation, customers also demand high-quality results and reliable services. Clients want a hassle-free experience which is possible with KYC face verification services. 

During COVID, the demand for contactless security systems arose. Companies use cutting-edge technology to gain a competitive advantage and attract genuine customers. 

Providing Multi-Channel Accessibility

There is widespread acceptance in public for KYC face verification solutions as the innovative technology facilitates multi-factor authentication. 

Customers can use facial recognition systems on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops to benefit from identity authentication without additional hardware. The technology works according to the following three steps: 

  1. Face verification identifies and detects faces in photos & videos. 
  2. The latest technology easily converts analog data into digital formats for high-quality results. 
  3. In the last stage, cutting-edge technology cross-matches data to authenticate the customer’s identity.

Mitigating Security Risks

Biometric security systems can mitigate risks and improve customer experience. This way, businesses can easily secure financial transactions to facilitate clients. 

After COVID-19, KYC face verification services have become popular on online identity verification systems. This way, clients can easily open an account and benefit from online banking services. The innovative technology takes a selfie to verify identities and helps companies to modernize daily operations. Hence, facial recognition systems are a practical approach to combat security risks. 

Improving Public Security

Implementing KYC face verification services can help security personnel improve public security. Customs offices use facial recognition technology to restrict the entry of unauthorized entities and also control the departure of unaccredited parties. US customs and Border Protection use cutting-edge technology to validate identities and allow entry only for those with a valid passport. 

This enables customs officers to observe cross-border movements closely. The applications of KYC face verification solutions are diverse and practical in nature. 

Concluding Thoughts

The implementation of deep learning face recognition has the power to transform operations in modern-day industries further. Law enforcement agencies can use the latest technology to identify and catch criminals. Moreover, on a consumer level, face verification can support the intelligent unlocking of smartphones. 

The application of facial verification systems not only improves performance but also ensures unbeatable privacy. Experts can collaborate with a third-party vendor to implement a GDPR-compliant solution. This not only secures a strategic advantage but also strengthens relationships with customers.

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