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5 Reasons For Welding With A Cobot

Welding with a Cobot

Automation of business processes is crucial if a business is to keep up with the current competitive business environment. One area of business that ought to consider automating its processes is welding.

Welding can be classified as being repetitive and monotonous. It is also costly and time-consuming. Hence, investing in a Cobot to handle the welding job would be ideal. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider welding with a Cobot.  

1. Time and Cost Saving

Cobot welding is more efficient when it comes to time and cost-saving. Time is a very precious resource that must be put to great use for efficiency to be attained. Cobots are capable of working at very high speeds without tiring.

On the other hand, human welders operate at lower speeds compared to robots. Moreover, human welders get tired, and bored of the repetitive and noisy tasks associated with welding. Therefore, they have to take breaks for lunch, and can only work for a specified amount of time before they get tired and take breaks.

Hence, for a task that is pretty much urgent, a cobot will perform the task at high speeds and finish the task in good is estimated that a welding cobot saves up to 60% of the usual amount of time you would require to accomplish a given level of the task.

Also, a welding Cobot is cost-saving in that the labor cost that would have been used to perform a particular task diminishes greatly. It is estimated that welding cobots diminish the costs associated with a similar amount of tasks by up to 70%. Hence, you can be sure of cutting down on costs by investing in a welding Cobot.

2. Cobots Pay Off with Small Batch Sizes

Unlike the industrial robots for welding that the only payoff with huge batch quantities, cobots already enable the realization of payoffs with small batches. The quantity and quality of welded materials are enough to offset the buying, programming, plus training expenses.

If for instance, the benefit to be derived is in time-saving and improvement in quality, a common robot would not be visible especially if the batch size is small. Also, if the benefit to be derived is in taking over complex tasks from manual welders, then the conventional robot would not be ideal if the batch size is small. This is where a Cobot becomes an excellent welding solution.

Small welding businesses struggling with heightening quantities and trying to minimize costs and improve product qualities should consider investing in cobots. Cobots are programmed such that it is easy for them to recall new sizes plus geometries. Cobots can easily recall the already programmed welds stored in them, such that it becomes easy to attend to new jobs. Given that Cobots can operate non-stop, they become ideal, especially when dealing with large quantities of jobs.       

3. Easy to Incorporate a Cobot into the Production Process

It is easy to incorporate a Cobot into the production process. That is due to its need for small space, lightweight, and its ability to sense people in its surroundings enabling it to stop to avoid inflicting injury to humans. Unlike industrial robots, which are heavy and require their own housing to be constructed to house them away from people, cobots can operate in a very limited space.

Also, given that you may require to construct a small housing for the purpose of CE certification, the cobot’s housing is small and flexible to set-up. This enables the utilization of the cobot in varied ways.  

4. Operates with Constant Quality Once Established

A cobot requires to be illustrated for what to do. However, once it is completely set-up, it performs its programmed tasks satisfactorily. It capable of producing constantly quality products once its set-up is complete. Also, a cobot can operate non-stop 24/7 throughout the week or even monthly and still maintain the quality of its output. This is unlike human welders who only work for a limited amount of time and take breaks in between tasks. Also, the quality of the ending task of a human welder is not of the same quality as the initial welded output.

5. Supports and Relieves the Skilled Welder

Contrary to the opinion of robots taking over jobs from people, cobots are there to provide support to employees and to ease the burden of complex and dangerous jobs. Cobots can perform repetitive jobs that employees would normally find monotonous and boring to do. Also, the cobots relieve employees of the dangerous jobs that most times expose them to harm or injury. 


Welding Cobots are crucial in business if the company goals are to be attained. Cobots are efficient as they are time and cost-saving, easy to incorporate, are consistent in their day-to-day operations, and ensure the safety of employees.

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