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Overview of Microsoft Certification Examination

Microsoft Certification Examination

At present, Microsoft has more than 120 authorized examination centers in China, and there are four kinds of Microsoft certification: Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer(MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA).

Examination Features:

The Microsoft certification examination is different from the general computer universal examination. Its purpose mainly lies in the training of the advanced computer specialized personnel. The content of the subject of the Microsoft certification has strong pertinence, and they are all for the different stages of the products of Microsoft. The contents of the test, the types of questions, and even the amount of questions should be changed accordingly with the product upgrading.

There is no fixed time for the test, and you can go to the authorized test center to register at any time. If it is the first time for you to take the test, you must provide detailed personal information when you make a registration, such as a name, name of the Chinese Pinyin, English company name, English address, telephone, postal code, ID number, etc., provide test information, such as test number, test name, test language, and test date, and pay for the examination fee. The issuing of the certificate is generally responsible for by each certification company. Part of the certification companies’ home page has the function to search for the grade and certificate by using the candidate’s ID number. Issuing period of the certificate of each company is slightly different, generally for a month.

Examination Content:

The content of the Microsoft certification exam (spoto) is very specialized, mainly in the following aspects:

  • Operating system (WindowsNT4.0installation, system configuration, account management, resource management of the files and printers, the remote access services, planning and management of the domain, domain model design of the enterprise, the network analysis and optimization of NT and domain troubleshooting, etc.)
  • Windows2000 (the series of the Windows2000 platform, installation, DNS, active directory, remote installation services, group policy, terminal services, file, and disk management, disaster protection, directory service base, naming strategy, permissions assigned, active directory logical structure, and physical structure, the implementation course, etc.)
  • Network technology course(network design, protocol implementation of networking, network connection, planning, configuration, management, monitoring, etc.)
  • Database (database installation, configuration, management, security management, database backup and recovery, performance tuning, user account management, multi-table query and transaction processing, view, stored process implementation, etc.)
  • Engineer for the development (database development, the development of COM, MFC development, collection and analysis of the business requirements, business plan designing, designing the data service and data model, etc.)
  • Electronic commerce (creating network industry, creating COM components and using of MTS, establishing, maintaining, and optimizing e-business sites, etc.).

Examination candidates:

The requirements of the Microsoft certification examination for the candidates are relatively high. Candidates must master the basic computer knowledge and have the computer operation skills to enter for an examination. At present, the candidates of the Microsoft certification examination mainly include three types of people. One kind of candidate is ready to go abroad or take the immigration. Studying abroad, if these young people have a Microsoft certification certificate, it will be relatively easy to find a job in foreign countries with higher treatment. In some foreign schools, they can also gain some credits. The second kind of people is working or preparing to work in the IT industry. Upgrading products and improving technology require employees to improve their skills. There are also a small number of students who are in school, preparing for the future job.

Industry comments:

Personnel in the industry has said, Microsoft certificate in the foreign area of the IT certification owns the highest popularity. The number of taking the Microsoft examination and Microsoft certification is the largest in the area of IT because Microsoft occupied the largest market shares in the area of the computer operating system. So, gaining the Microsoft certification relatively has more universal significance. Researcher Zhongcuihao, the doctoral tutor of the Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that some multinational enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have higher requirements for their employees, especially in the IT industry, and Microsoft certificate has almost become a passport for applicants. Without this certificate, its products can not be done well. So if you want to work at Microsoft, you must obtain a certificate from Microsoft.

Microsoft qualification certification examination is held by the global software industry leader – the United States Microsoft (Microsoft), a level examination to test the ability of computer technology workers to use Microsoft software products. Before the exam, Microsoft company requires the Microsoft certified senior technical education center (CTEC) which are located around the country to train the students in order to improve the technical personnel and users of Microsoft in the software development and application in the fields of technology and guide the students to master the key technology of Microsoft applications. At the same time, it can improve their ability of software development and use. After authorized training by Microsoft and passing the Microsoft Qualification Examination, the computer science and technology personnel will get the Microsoft Technical Certification Certificate issued by Microsoft in the corresponding software field. This certificate can prove that the holder has the high authority of the work skills in the corresponding field, which is effective in the global area.

Microsoft certification exam is launched by Microsoft for the senior technical personnel about the computer, which is recognized as the computer software senior talent certification by the world. The certificates issued by Bill Gates have been recognized by more than 90 countries. Microsoft certificate represents the technical strength of enterprises and individuals, and its owners can enjoy high employment opportunities, high salaries, and free treatment of related studies all over the world. And even in some countries in North America, it can be used as the technical assessment standard for immigrants.

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