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Not Sure How to Style Your Summer Beach Home? Here are some tips!

summer beach home decor

With summer finally, many people are heading to their summer beach homes to enjoy a bit of vacation time. But when’s the last time your summer home had a good makeover? With modern interior design trends changing constantly, it’s good to go back and rethink our home decor every once in a while, even if it’s just a vacation home.

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Ready to update your vacation home’s decor? Take a look at these great tips for adding a bit of the coastal lifestyle to any room!

1. Add wicker, bamboo or rattan

Wicker, bamboo, and other all-natural building materials give off a calming and relaxing atmosphere perfect for any summer home. Adding wicker, bamboo, or rattan elements in your home will instantly enhance any room and add a beach home feel. If your vacation house is already on the beach, remember that all-natural materials pair beautifully with the blue or nautical-themed decor!

Here are some great tips for incorporating wicker, bamboo, and rattan into your vacation home:

  • Wicker chairs are a vacation home staple that are durable and inexpensive.
  • Woven baskets are great beach-inspired storage devices.
  • If you don’t want to invest in new furniture, try a sisal rug.
  • If you want to go small, try bamboo coasters or cups.

2. Add some nautical stripes

If you love the beach and sea air, the nautical decor is a great way to remind you of the beach all year long. All it takes is a few stylish touches to transform your vacation home into a nautical-inspired vacation paradise! Take a look at some of these coastal-inspired tips:

  • Invest in a striped throw blanket or a set of blue throw pillows to add a touch of texture and beach flair to any room.
  • Use a nautically-inspired statement piece in your room such as a model ship or a ocean-inspired painting.
  • If you feel a full nautical theme is going a bit ‘overboard’, try incorporating some simple nautical colors into your decor such as white, turquoise and sand.

3. Include beach themed decor

What seaside vacation home would be complete without some beach-themed decor? Entering into a home that’s been decorated with a beach theme instantly transports you to your last beach-side vacation. However, remember that you don’t have to completely rely on fish and seashells to get a beach-chic look. Try some of these tips:

  • Choose hand-blown glasses for an elegant look.
  • Incorporate driftwood and other natural wood into your decor.
  • Layer netting for a fun table runner.
  • Incorporate striped or nautical linen.

4. Incorporate some blue

As we mentioned before, one way to achieve a nautical or beach theme is to rely on the color blue, but you don’t have to stick to the “traditional” vacation home colors such as white and turquoise to make an impact. Colors like indigo, cream, and brown can still achieve that all-natural vacation-house feel without relying on traditional beach colors.

Another great way to use paint to update your vacation home is to paint a two-tone accent wall. Painting the walls is an inexpensive way that you can completely transform the look of any room! While painting your walls is the easiest option, there are many inexpensive ways you can achieve the two-tone look – for instance, try removable stick-on wallpaper!

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