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How to Hunt Pheasant Without a Dog: Doing the Classic Alternatives

Traditionally, hunting dogs have become more valuable than ever because they make hunting easier and safe. Dogs are great hunters themselves; thus, investing in them is always a good decision. However, the question is: can you hunt pheasants without a dog?

Yes, you can. You may want to consider other alternatives at times. In this article, you will see how to hunt pheasants with a plan.

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How Can You Hunt Pheasants with a Plan?

There are a few ways you can hunt down pheasants without necessarily using a hound.

Use Linear Covers

Watching how you walk, i.e., the linear cover, is a great way of hunting a bird without a dog. All you’ve got to do is walk around a linear habitat of birds created by drainages, fences, or roads. As you do that, you can push birds out of that habitat, corner some, and hit one.  

Small Patches

While walking linear cover, you can create small patches around, especially if surrounded by fields. As you push these birds out of their habitat, you can corner some of them around these patches, making it possible for you to shoot one down.

Use Weather to Advantage

Dogless hunters sometimes use the weather for hunting pheasants. Cloudy weather is a big advantage because naturally, birds hibernate or wait until sunshine before movement. However, attacking these birds has to be done carefully – more like in slow motion.


Another way you can hunt birds down without your dog is to use blockers. You’ll need a partner on this because it needs planting blockers at two different ends of a tract. With these blockers, you can move quietly without the birds realizing that you are within the area – a perfect ambush!


What Tips Do You Need to Hunt Pheasants Dogless?

As you plan to hunt down birds without your dog, you need to take some tips to do that successfully. Here are some things you should do/consider.

  • In hot weather, ensure to wear sunscreen or a hat. You might find it difficult to aim if it is too hot.
  • Suppose you plan to use a scope, first learn how to sight in a red dot scope without shooting. With that, you can properly aim and shoot.
  • Always hunt in a zigzag motion – always has an advantage
  • One of the best times to hunt pheasants is after a storm. You can head for their nest during this period.
  • Make plans for the whole day.
  • If you go with other hunters, you need to use them as indicators. Together, you all can get nice shots.
  • Birds are a bit sensitive. Avoid going wearing perfume.
  • Take a map, just in case.
  • Prep the right gear for pheasant hunting.


Pheasant hunting is such an interesting ordeal, which requires using a dog or sometimes flying solo. If you plan to do the latter, you must take all the necessary gear you’ll need and stay prepared.

Using a good scope can help too. You can find a wide range of some of the best scope for ak47 in the market if you do a little research.

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