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How to Easily Choose A Perfect Nail Shape for Yourself? 

When you go to the nail salon, you have options besides just the color of your nail polish. Since your manicurist will ask you what shape to file your nails in, your decision will ultimately affect how your manicure will look. 

Whether you have long or short nails, prefer a simple manicure, or want to try an extreme look, there are more nail shapes than fingers. Unsurprisingly, sorting through all the options can be as challenging as choosing between coral and salmon nail polish. 

So, to assist you, we have shared some factors to consider for determining which nail shapes are best for you. 

1. What Type of Overall Look do you want? 

Keep your overall appearance in mind when deciding on your hands’ most flattering nail shape. Different styles suit various nail types. Go with round, oval, or almond nails if you want something soft and feminine. Coffin or stiletto nails may be for you if you prefer a more dramatic or edgy look. 

2. What Level of Upkeep are You Willing to Put Up With? 

Whatever nail shape you choose, it will all necessitate maintenance. However, some require a little more effort than others. Coffin nails, for example, can be extremely difficult to shape yourself and frequently necessitate a trip to the salon, especially since most women opt for acrylic nails when attempting the look. If you choose a style that requires acrylic nails, be prepared to visit the salon frequently for maintenance. 

3. The Length of Your Nails 

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The next step is to consider the length of your nails. If you’re getting false nails, specify the length you want. Specific shapes look best on certain lengths and are impossible to achieve on others. So length is extremely important. In general, square and round shapes best shape your short nails. Longer nails benefit from oval, almond, coffin, and stiletto shapes. 

4. The Shape of Your Nailbeds 

When choosing a nail shape, the shape of your nailbeds is also essential. Because of their elongated shape, long and thin nail beds are a natural fit for almond-shaped nails. They also look great with square nails, which aren’t as flattering on wide nail beds. With broad nail beds, round or oval nails can help them look slimmer. 

5. Whether Your Lifestyle Suits Your Ideal Nails 

When selecting a nail shape, remember that different lifestyles require different nails. Specific shapes, such as coffins or stilettos, require longer nails, and long nails can be an issue if you play a lot of sports,  type a lot at work, or spend a lot of time around babies. Aesthetics are essential, but choosing a nail shape that will disrupt your life is pointless. 

6. Regardless of whether you want to make a statement 

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It’s critical to consider whether you want to make a statement with your nails. The traditional square nail or natural-looking round or oval nails will work for you if you prefer to keep things understated and avoid drawing attention to yourself. If you want to draw attention to your nails, stiletto, coffin,  or even almond nails are more likely to do so. 

7. What Colors do You Like to Wear? 

Contrary to popular belief, your preferred nail colors can also influence the shape of your nails. Why? Because various nail art styles go well with different colors. Bold colors, for instance, tend to stand out when your nails are short and square. Coffin nails look amazing in matte colors.  

Perfect nail shape color  

1. Beige Pink 

This chic color evokes serenity and, surprisingly, complements nail length and skin tone. It keeps your overall appearance simple yet elegant. You want to wear this color in the summer or for an everyday manicure and business look. 

2. Red Velvet 

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This classic, popular nail color will never go out of style. For decades, it has been a bold color choice. Pretty red nails look great for your zoom meeting or a business-style outfit. It is also perfect for romantic dates when you want to look feminine and passionate. 

3. Hot Pink Vibe 

There’s a Barbie soul in us, and this lovely color will help you get there. A versatile color that gives you cozy summer vibes and keeps you happy all day. With a twist of glitter, you can add some shimmer and shine, as well as nail art designs. 

4. Snowy Peaks 

White nail polish is a summer nail color. This timeless manicure color is one of the top picks and on-the-go nail colors for any occasion. Do you want to be sophisticated and classy? Then try this one. 

8. The Shape of Your Hands and Fingers 

Not only should you consider the length of your nails, but also the shape of your hands and fingers. This is due to the fact that some nail designs lengthen the fingers, which you may or may not want, depending on how your hands and fingers already appear. Fingers often appear longer and thinner in shapes like oval, coffin, stiletto, and almond. People who already have long, thin fingers may want to go with a square shape instead. 


There are countless options available when it comes to shaping your nails. You can shape your nails from square, round, and oval shapes to stiletto, almond, and ballerina. However, make sure you are looking after their health before styling them. Eat well, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, and don’t forget to use cuticle nail oil to stop breakage. Your nails will remain healthy and look stylish with the help of an ideal lifestyle. Try out the shapes you like if you want to. 

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