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Hostbillo Offers a Free SSL Certificate With UAE Dedicated Server Plans

UAE dedicated server

To host a website constructively, you need a compelling web hosting solution. Among all the existing web hosting solutions in the industry, dedicated server serves as the most promising and highly secure option. This is because, with a dedicated server UAE, you obtain the possibility to sidestep every impediment and restraint one may confront under other web hosting servers. It enables you to acquire maximum processing power and ultimate flexibility to host your website without any limitations. Further, you can easily get your website an SSL certificate while hosting it on a UAE dedicated server. In fact, it is essential for you to let your website possess an SSL certificate. Via this guide, you will comprehend the functioning and significance of an SSL certificate for a website. 

On the other side, it is also important for you to reach out to the most reliable and reputed web host to acquire the best dedicated server hosting in UAE. Thus, here, you will also get insights into the Hostbillo web hosting company that not only renders the most appropriate hosting plan of the dedicated web server for your website but also provide an SSL certificate free of cost. Let’s drill into the segments below and get all the details. 

What is an SSL Certificate? 

An SSL Certificate is a shorthand term for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. It refers to a digital certificate and is administered via a certificate authority. SSL certificate tends to substantiate the originality of a website (which is typically an organization or a web hosting server) and the reality of the data transmitted (generally the data being sent by an end user) to the website.

Often, digital certificates are employed to ensure communications protection on the internet. They provide a tool for a dedicated server to ascertain its identity to the web browser. In other words, the web hosting server assures through an SSL certificate that the information or data being communicated is absolutely safe and protected. Further, this certificate is utilized to confirm the website’s identity so that its users can be sure that the website is exactly what they consider it to be.

Furthermore, if your website is not encrypted by a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate on a UAE dedicated server, any system between the site’s user and the web hosting server can acquire access to the user’s details and other confidential information. So, when you build a secure connection that ensures the full protection of users’ data and information, you get the opportunity to construct a basis of consumer confidence. 

How You Configure That Website Uses an SSL Certificate?

When you browse on the Internet and you are able to encounter the following security indicators, then that website is likely employing SSL: 

  • https:// in the URL bar
  • a padlock icon in the URL bar of your web browser
  • a Secure symbol in the address bar of your Internet browser.

Such indicators imply that your data or information is encrypted while transmitting through the World Wide Web.  

Whereas the below-mentioned indicator reveals that your data or information is not encrypted:

  • http:// in the URL bar. 

Such an indicator implies that your data or information is unencrypted while getting transmitted through the World Wide Web.  

For a Website Why SSL Certificate is Important? 

An SSL certificate is highly significant for your website as it provides the following excellent benefits – 

  • Your website and its every subdomain receive high-level protection.
  • SSL enables end-to-end encryption with the best dedicated server hosting in UAE.
  • It is a highly expedient way to acquire your visitors’ confidence.
  • It lets your website gain better search engine ranking as well as a priority by Google.
  • It guards your website from cyber attacks. 
  • It protects the payment gateway on your website.
  • SSL enables you to meet your PCI/DSS needs.

Following is a List of Information That is Contained in an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate includes the mentioned below information –

  • Name of the owner
  • Expiry date & the serial number of the certificate
  • SSL holder’s Public Key copy 
  • Digital signature of the authority that issues a certificate

Hostbillo Gives Free SSL Certificate With Their Dedicated Server In UAE Plans?

As cited at the beginning of this guide, Hostbillo is the renowned and most steadfast web hosting company in UAE that provides cheap dedicated server UAE with the best-in-class hosting services. The company further renders enterprise-grade infrastructure and powerful system tools with dedicated server web hosting. It enables you to obtain an SSL certificate free of cost for your website with all the hosting plans of a UAE dedicated server. Moreover, you get access to the following incredible web hosting features with Hostbillo’s dedicated server hosting in UAE:-

  • 24/7 Technical assistance via experts
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99.90% Uptime guarantee 
  • Automated backup services
  • Highest network connectivity 
  • Most advanced data security measures and much more. 


Hosting a website on a UAE dedicated server with an SSL certificate enables you to build a powerful customer base and attain maximum profitability. This further enables you to advance your website to deliver optimal performance, the fastest operational speed, and robust data security. 

Moreover, you can purchase the best dedicated server hosting in UAE at the most affordable pricing from Hostbillo web hosting company. The company also provides the support of a free SSL certificate, cutting-edge facilities, and resilient web technologies. Visit the official site of Hosbtillo and get more insightful details regarding the top-notch UAE dedicated server plans. 

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