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Furnishing Ideas For Country Homes

Furnishing Ideas for Country Homes

Country homes are famous for their beautiful farmhouse décor. Hence, furnishing a country home also needs to give your home a farmhouse feel. During the design process, most strive for a rustic feel. It would be best if you even considered certain things, like whether or not you intend to renovate your home in the future. Your décor should mirror farmhouse décor that also suits your style and personality. How you furnish your house gives your guest an idea of your character and can sometimes serve as a conversation starter.

Consider these furnishing ideas for your country home:

Expose Your Kitchen Ceiling Beams

It would be best if you considered exposing your kitchen ceiling beams. Exposed ceiling beams can easily be converted into the form of a rack. With an exposed ceiling beam, you can easily create a lieu of a rack where you can hang your pans and pots from hooks hanging from the ceiling.

You can complement the exposed beams by painting your cabinetry with a more natural color like green, installing a tight radius kitchen sink and brass faucet, or adding a marble tile backsplash. Further, give your kitchen a nostalgic feel reminiscent of your grandma by adding some antique-inspired or warm wood vintage table.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

You should furnish your country home to give it a vintage look. Reclaimed wood is always a great option for vintage furniture. Consider finding statement pieces made with reclaimed wood such as a coffee table, TV stand, or dining table. Bringing in what is old is the best way to achieve that farmhouse look in your home. Using reclaimed wood will give your house a beautiful rustic feel. You can also design a headboard using a plank of reclaimed or weathered wood. You can choose subtle colors if you must to make it pop but make sure it retains the old feel. Another option is custom made wood furniture that has been treated to look rustic. Custom furniture makers like Full House Furniture have the design concepts, tools, and talent in-house to fabricate the right furniture for your interior.

Piles Of Firewood In The House

You don’t need to limit the use of lumber in your house during Christmas only. You can easily get away with strategically placing a pile of firewood in your house in a country home all year long. This is an excellent and straightforward way of giving your home a rustic touch. You can also use lumber to liven up your front porch, entryway, or living room.

Mix And Match Your Bedroom

When furnishing your home, consider combining high wooden-beamed ceilings, stone walls, and bright patterned printed furniture in your bedroom. To give your bedroom a classic country style, you should avoid matching all your bedroom sets.

You can mix and match your room using a metal bed frame, distressed wood dressers, and a collection of antique drapery holdbacks. Add a country flair by adding burlap pillow shams. You can also never go wrong with white, red, and blue bedroom bedding in a country home. Do not be afraid to welcome the use of color in your bedroom as long as it complements the room’s rustic feel. Consider adding a rug as a way of also paying homage to country living. Find an old wooden stool that you can use as a bedside table and accessorize it with things that showcase your personality.

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