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Every customer is important. But when you run a business, you may not have time to create a campaign, write every email, text every time you need to talk to your customers. With marketing automation, you can develop those relationships automatically.

Marketing automation is a process of digital marketing that allows technology to take over marketing over and over again. Technology can automate scheduled email marketing and social media posting. It can clearly define strategy among the ad options implemented and optimized accordingly. Instead of one person having to personally market each customer differently. The employee can now strategize for the marketing automation platform to do that.

Marketing automation is software that eliminates repetitive tasks. It helps you build your brand, sell more, and drive customer loyalty. You can target people based on behavior, interests, and purchase history. You are able to send the right message to the targeted person when you need it. Follow this article for more automation marketing tools you need for your business!

13chats – helpful chatbot

Along with the era of messaging applications is the creation of customer care chatbots. Chatbot is capable of conversing with humans in the form of text messages, helping to automate many customer services.

There are many chatbot software available today, but to talk about efficiency and cost, it is impossible not to mention 13chats, free marketing automation tools. This is an integrated chat tool for your website to chat directly with customers via Facebook Messenger. Also helps to track all customers accessing the website in real-time and can take care of all customers at the same time.

13chats - helpful chatbot

SendPulse – pleasant spam/email marketing

Email marketing today is an important part of any online business promotion strategy. According to research by Holistic Email Marketing and GetResponse, email campaigns have the highest ROI of any other marketing tool.

Marketing services provided by Sendpulse are suitable for everyone who wants to independently engage in SEO optimization. Getting useful information about marketing is an essential part of development, otherwise, you may not keep track of new trends and lose some of your profits. SendPulse will make sure that your business is always up to date. Start with their free basic plan and see the results for yourself!


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Snovio – outreach automation platform

Your search for the perfect growth formula is over. With Snovio you can collect more leads, promote your business and sell more. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Fill your funnel with high-quality leads and convert them into paying customers with our suite of CRM tools.

Reduce the time spent searching for leads and converting them. Now you can not only quickly fill the sales funnel with targeted potential customers, but also reduce the cost per lead. Easily control the quality of your new and existing contracts with our 7-step verification and achieve 98% deliverability rates.


Final thoughts

Lemony Blog hopes that the article on marketing automation, it will partly help you gain basic knowledge about marketing automation, as well as tools to support businesses on the journey of digital transformation.

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