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The Much Awaited Flutin Live Has Finally Been Launched To Help Streamers Accelerate Their Dream Careers

The Much Awaited Flutin Live

We are glad to announce that the Flutin Live platform has now been launched and is ready to turn artists’ lives around. Gear up to experience futuristic streaming features that offer vast exposure like no other. It’s time to get your streaming tools organized and pursue your passion freely.

We surely do not need to break the ice here and say how the live-streaming industry has been booming recently. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have failed to stop passionate artists from pursuing their true desires. Perhaps, that’s what catapulted the massive thrust of the live streaming sector. And Flutin has recently joined the bandwagon with the Flutin Live platform for artists to continue building their careers doing what they love, making money while at it!

Welcome To The Streaming World Where Dreams Do Come True!

Flutin Live is the creation of our genius professionals who have been successful in designing a platform that lets streamers seamlessly go online instantly and whenever they desire. The cutting edge features have been expertly curated to facilitate a smooth streaming experience that lets the artist focus only on giving his/her best and engaging with his/her audience. Our sole objective has been to support artists from all genres and backgrounds to continue fulfilling their dream. Thus, Flutin Live is the key to realizing all your aspirations.

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Discover Intuitive Features That Can Help You Climb The Ladder In No Time!

Live streaming can truly turn the tables for you if you know how to make the most of it. However, you don’t need to worry about the technicalities with Flutin Live. All you have to do is link your social media channels, prepare a good performance and start streaming. That’s it! Here’s a quick glance at some of the advanced features that you will get to leverage on Flutin Live:

  • Multi-streaming – Have you ever heard about streaming on more than one platform at the same time? You will get to not only see but also do it with Flutin Live. Remember how we asked you to connect your social media channels with Flutin Live? This is why. You’ll be able to stream on Flutin Live as well as on YouTube, Facebook, etc. simultaneously.
  • Easy Monetization – Flutin Live offers you numerous easy ways to monetize your live performances and support your art. Hassle-free money making options like virtual gifts by your audience, ticket sales, and so on will help you earn enough to keep going.
  • Greater Engagement – Flutin Live offers numerous interesting ways to interact with your audience and keep them coming back for more. You can host special interactive sessions, live chat with them via the chat option, play the songs requested by your fans, and many more.
  • The Sweet Deal – Do you know the most exciting thing, especially for emerging artists? You get to set up your profile and start streaming at no cost! Yes, read that as many times as you want but it is totally true.

Waste no more time. Embark on your dream journey today and embrace your passion with arms wide open. Flutin Live is nowhere to let talented people reach out to the world!

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