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All You Need to Know on Travel, Driving Rules Post Lockdown

New Road Trip Rules Post Lockdown

The year 2020 felt like a road to nowhere. Never before in our lifetimes had we known what it felt like to be permanently sequestered from the rest of the world, including our next-door neighbors. We were asked, and told, to stay in our homes and to travel to public places, like the grocery store, only as absolutely needed. Although Americans are, at heart, adventurous, the road to nowhere indeed went nowhere.

Now that we are post lockdown in 2021, Americans are ready to travel again. A full 80% of American citizens polled, indicated that they intend to get vaccinated and begin life anew, with the always popular road trip. They plan to take an RV, or a car, go glamping, camping and visit some of the national treasures the nation has to offer.

How to Stay Covid Careful

While America may be rounding the bend where the virus is concerned it is still important to stay vigilant.

  • Pack an abundance of masks There are likely to be different rules in different states, but science suggests that even if you are vaccinated, wearing a mask helps decrease the rate of transmission. More than one mask, per person, will also allow you to wash them as you go. There is always the possibility of masks getting misplaced, or soiled, and having more than enough for everyone is wise for eliminating the spread of any variants. It’s also wise to invest in a quality reusable face mask.
  • Continue to avoid large crowds The beauty of camping and going on a road trip adventure, is that the entire idea of it is to escape crowds and large gatherings of people.  You can embrace the freedom of the untamed forests, and interact with nature, safely, along with family, and the vaccinated people in your bubble.
  • Research ordinances and guidelines of the locations where you’ll be visiting Planning on stopping in a quaint little seaside town, halfway to your destination? Make sure you know what time the restaurants there close, any curfews that may be in place, and what is required of you regarding mask-wearing.
  • Find out if you need proof of a negative Covid test, or proof of your vaccination, in any of the locations you will be visiting – Some stadiums are opening their doors to vaccinated-only citizens.  If your heart is set on attending one of these games, be sure to have your vaccine card in hand, wear your mask, and do your best to social distance.
  • Bring along hand sanitizer and don’t forget to use it – After pumping gas, going into the convenience store, pressing elevator buttons, and touching doorknobs and handles, research shows that it is best to wash your hands, thoroughly, as often as you can, however, hand sanitizer works well in the interim.

Remember the Essentials

Being Covid careful is just one layer of the many ways to stay safe while on a road trip.

  • Make sure that you have all of the coverage you need Freeway Auto Insurance has been helping people find the best, most affordable auto, RV, motorcycle, truck, and commercial vehicle insurance for over 35 years. They offer exceptional customer service in more than 500 locations all over the country and will help you review, and polish your vehicle insurance to suit your current post-pandemic needs.  The knowledge of complete coverage will let you get on the road quicker and allow you to feel safer and more secure about any mishaps that may happen along the way!
  • Take your car to a trusted mechanic for a complete tune-up The last thing you want when you are on vacation is to have just passed that sign that reads, “No gas for 150 miles,” which really means – caution – dead zone – no cell service, no gas, no human life whatsoever; and then have your radiator overheat. Get all of the vehicle’s functions checked like tire pressure, oil change, brakes, and fluid top-offs, so you can be confident that your vehicle will get you where you want to go.
  • Hope for the best and pack for the worst – Bring along extra water bottles, a first aid kit, guidebooks, GPS is amazing technology but does not reach everywhere, a roll of toilet paper, because you never know, a cooler of snacks and favorite drinks, trash bags, books, and games for the kids to play within the car, hand wipes, bug spray, and sunscreen.

While a road trip might look slightly different from years past it is still the same at its core. You still want to make sure that you’ve covered all the basics when it comes to food, hydration, and first aid; while also being prepared for the different guidelines and restrictions you may encounter with regards to the vaccine and Covid 19.

One aspect of the beloved road trip that will never change or go out of style is maintaining the vehicle that is transporting you and your family. Making sure that it is operating at optimum levels while also having the peace of mind of knowing that you’re fully covered by insurance. Regardless of the circumstances, you may encounter knowing you and your road warrior family and friends have the freedom to explore incredible vistas, and the fulfillment of wanderlust is priceless.

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