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Drawbacks of Using ChatGPT for PhD Dissertation Writing

PhD Dissertation Writing

Artificial intelligence is taking human efficiency to a new level. It has solved a multitude of problems and has eased human lives. AI is actively replacing human jobs at a fast pace. More so, it is now replacing professors, researchers, and intellectuals in PhD dissertation writing. It is because artificial intelligence is more efficient, reliable, unbiased, and capable. These qualities of AI make it far superior to humans. However, it does not mean that artificial intelligence is invincible. After all, humans have created AI and not the other way around.

This article will discuss some vulnerabilities of AI-based ChatGPT used in PhD dissertation writing. This AI-powered system has taken to writing PhD dissertations with great efficiency. However, the system comes with certain drawbacks that render it unreliable for undertaking PhD dissertations. We are going to discuss those drawbacks in this article. Let us begin by explaining ChatGPT and how it works.

What is ChatGPT?

It is the latest development of the GPT family. The family consists of text-producing AIs. Hence, ChatGPT is a text-generating artificial intelligence system with a phenomenal ability to generate any text. The difference between ChatGPT and its earlier versions is that anyone can use it. After use, it requires feedback from the user. It improves itself based on feedback. Hence, ease of use and adaptability are the core features of ChatGPT. OpenAI has developed ChatGPT, and it is based on the principle of ease. One of its predecessors, GPT3, was used to write an opinion piece for a reputed American newspaper. However, ChatGPT is way ahead of its predecessors. It has additional capabilities that make it more efficient. It uses a dialogue format. This format makes it convenient for ChatGPT to communicate, answer questions, reject incorrect questions, and accept its mistakes.

Significance of ChatGPT for PhD Dissertation Writing

As it belongs to a text-generating AI family, it is convenient for ChatGPT to produce PhD dissertations. Also, it is an upgraded version of its family, making it more apt for the job. This system holds significance for PhD dissertation writing because of its overwhelming features. One of its features is that it realizes a hypothetical question. It notifies the person that the answer will also be based on a hypothetical scenario. It provides extremely pragmatic solutions for academic questions. Since its release, the bot has been used multiple times for solving academic queries. Had those queries been submitted by a student, he would have got full marks. Its writing ability has stunned academicians. It is being used for PhD dissertation writing.

ChatGPT contains all the knowledge from the internet. It provides the most optimum solution for a PhD question by merging different knowledge and organizing it according to the orientation of the question. So, it is being used generously to get help in PhD dissertation writing. However, there are certain drawbacks to using it for writing a PhD thesis.

Drawbacks of ChatGPT for PhD Dissertations

A PhD dissertation contains the highest level of research. It combines academic perfection, extensive knowledge, creativity, and logical reasoning. It is unwise to leave a document of such stature in the hands of an AI bot. But there are also many other drawbacks to using ChatGPT for PhD dissertation writing.

It Is Trained On Internet Text

The primary source of ChatGPT’s learning is the internet. Data from the internet is fed to the bot. It can lead to copyright issues as ChatGPT’s learning is without the author’s permission. Hence, a PhD student can face plagiarism issues. The irony is that a PhD dissertation does not allow you to commit such mistakes.

It Has No Internet Access

ChatGPT is unable to connect to the internet. Although it is intentional, no internet connection poses severe limitations when writing a PhD thesis. It limits the capabilities of ChatGPT. One drawback of no internet connection is that you cannot access location-based services.

The Information is Not Updated

However, the dataset on ChapGPT is updated daily, but it must be taken into account that academic research is based on critical factors. Till today no robot or AI machine is capable of processing or analysing these factors as humans do. ChatGPT will severely hamper PhD dissertation writing. PhD theses pose real-time questions which require updated knowledge. But ChatGPT is unable to provide the most up-to-date critical knowledge.

It is Unable to Make Qualitative Judgements

ChatGPT is unable to identify the tone of a written passage. It cannot make moral judgments about a text. It does not know whether a tone is offensive or derogatory. Further, it cannot tell you that the language of a paper is harsh, and you should make it less harsh.

It Can be Biased

Although it seems that ChatGPT is an unbiased artificial intelligence system, the data fed to it is often biased. This biasness impacts the Humans feeding it data, and humans are biased. As a result, biased data can also impact the PhD dissertation.

The Possibility of Plagiarism

ChatGPT merges the data taken from the internet and provides the best possible solution according to its judgement. However, there is room for plagiarism. For example, creating something new takes a chunk from one paper and another from another. But the pattern is somehow identifiable. An expert can know that it is plagiarized.

It has a Limited Capacity

ChatGPT has a limited ability to data consumption at a time. It cannot process full books at a time. It also cannot produce full-length books. Therefore, it can have limitations in producing longer PhD dissertations. A PhD dissertation can reach up to 100000 words. Hence, it is difficult for ChatGPT to process long dissertations.


Artificial intelligence has optimized human intelligence. It solves intricate problems of all nature. It is also used for all creative purposes, such as PhD dissertation writing. ChatGPT is very successful in this context. It has been used repeatedly to write opinion pieces, articles, dissertations, and theses. However, this bot has certain drawbacks for writing PhD dissertations. This article has explained seven such drawbacks of ChatGPT.

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