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How to Craft Memorable Custom Eyelash Boxes for this Holiday Season?

Custom eyelash boxes

For anyone who has anxiously waited for the perfect cyber deal or braved their way to the mall during the holiday season knows that it can be an overwhelming experience. But this year, the upcoming holiday season is going to be a little different for retailers. Sure, it will be busier than the previous year, but retailers expect to see more online sales than in the retail store setting. Thanks to the COVID-19, this season, people are going to play safe and get their favorite gifts delivered right to their doorstep.   

However, as the sales figures skyrocket, online retailers will face more obstacles to leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Online marketplaces will undoubtedly increase revenue for brands, including the cosmetic industry, but they’ll limit up-and-coming brands’ experiences. For instance, customers who’ll buy false eyelashes from a site via Facebook will find it hard to remember the brand they have bought it from, no matter how much they loved it. But they will never forget if they have bought them from Scala, a leading cosmetic brand. 

So, how on earth will you leave a branded impression on your eyelash extension buyers?

Memorable custom eyelash packaging is the answer.

What can Branded Custom Eyelash Boxes Do?

A Dotcom Distributions study found that 49 percent of the online buyers avowed that branded product box made them excited about unwrapping the item, and 44 percent of shoppers said that such a packaging emphasizes the fact that the product worth its cost. In contrast, 18 percent reported that the packaging made them feel that the brand is for them.  

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Branded custom eyelash boxes will create a positive and memorable experience for buyers. From the moment they buy it online until they get to unpack it, an excellent eyelash box makes buyers familiar with your brand.  

If you are competing for attention during the forthcoming holiday season, personal connections like these can aid you to win more customers and empower your brand to do well against the established cosmetic brands. Premium branded packaging can earn you long-term brand loyalty and kickstart your 2021 revenue goals. 

Do you Really Need Premium Eyelash Boxes?

Any lash supplier or manufacturer in the US can benefit from premium branded eyelash boxes. But survey respondents pointed out that certain types of online brands should pay close heed to their packaging than others. For instance, premium packaging is crucial for encasing lifestyle and fashion products, especially eyelash extensions and makeup kits.  

How your Eyelash Boxes Wholesale Supply should Look Like?

Eyelash boxes wholesale supplies differ from one retailer to another. Yet, there are many opportunities for brands to turn the dull brown box into something special. But the rule of the thumb suggests that premium packaging must be unique, gift-like, or branded.

How can Eyelash Box Packaging Reflect your Brand?

Developing strategic eyelash box packaging help reflect your brand tone, vision, and mission. From the minute your customers lay their eyes on the package, they should know exactly who your brand is and why you are in the market. Besides ensuring your brand’s mission is evidently reflected through your eyelash packaging, make sure the look and feel of your encasing should also depict your brand’s overall aesthetics.

If you believe in craftsmanship, then be sure your packaging should well-customized and clean. An ideal way to accomplish this goal is by partnering with a local packaging firm like The Legacy Printing that has the industry knowledge and experience to deliver a solution that will make your customers fail to get over your product. More importantly, the distinct and exquisite packaging allows your product and brand to stand out.

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