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Choosing shipping peanuts vs. wholesale bubble bags

wholesale bubble bags

When it comes to offering protective packaging, alternatives like shipping peanuts, bubble mailers, etc. are used to ensure effective results. These help to offer protection against damages, especially during long-distance shipments.

Therefore when shipping fragile items across long distances, you need to buy quality products like shipping peanuts.

When to choose shipping materials like Kraft paper?

This is a special thick brown paper that is created to deliver performance beyond standard paper. These are used for wrapping products or securing space inside the box to deliver quality shipping solutions.

Such a paper is used for the following reasons – 

  • The above is an excellent and sustainable packing solution for all forms of package shipments
  • These can be bundled or coiled to offer additional protection to the interiors of the box and ensure adequate protection.
  • This is quite a versatile solution for packing items 
  • The same is clean and easy to use. 
  • These carry perforated ends that make them easy to tear off.
  • Kraft papers are economic choices for high-volume users
  • These are less prone to mess up when compared to other packing materials 
  • These do not pop like bubble wraps

Are these eco-friendly shipping materials?

Kraft paper is special as it is both recyclable and biodegradable as it is crafted from wood pulp and other organic materials.

However, packing peanuts remains an effective and efficient solution to protect your packing needs. These are crafted from polystyrene foam cushions. With the air inside these, these plastics expand and offer superior protection. The air makes interlocking plastics expand and this keeps contents safe due to its soft and squishy design.

What makes packing peanuts so special?

These are one of the oldest and most protective packaging alternatives. These are becoming less common since they are sustainable and less messy.

However, these peanuts are not eco-friendly. This can be damaging to animals if mistaken for food. To avoid the same, it is recommended to reuse the same to avoid dumping these in the landfill. 

However, you can buy biodegradable versions like cornstarch, etc. that have low costs. To check if these are biodegradable, dissolve these in water. If these dissolve then these are eco-friendly else not.

Here are a few ways for using packing peanuts for sustainable outcomes – 

  • Use these for packing or storing fragile items
  • Use these for shipping to friends 
  • For safe storage of sharp objects, tips, and tools
  • DIY art and craft projects or home decor items 

When to choose shipping materials like bubble wraps?

Bubble wraps are plastic sheets that are designed using small air-filled pockets that offer to cushion extremely fragile items.

These are economical and versatile solutions when used for protecting materials in storage or transit. Unlike other packaging materials, handling these doesn’t require special training or instructions.

These are also perfect for packing delicate items, especially jewelry, ceramics, etc. It is also effective in protecting larger items that have an oblong shape.

These are further available as standard and anti-static styles. The latter is designed for packing computer parts or other items that can be damaged using static.

Are these bubble wraps eco-friendly shipping materials?

Unlike Kraft paper, these products are not eco-friendly. Bubble wraps can be recycled but using the appropriate industrial dumping methods.

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