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Choosing a tutor for Junior college math

tutor for Junior college math

The use of technology has increased rapidly in the last few decades, so there is a massive increase in the number of tech-related jobs available. Hence a large number of students are interested in studying for degrees in engineering, science, and mathematics. There are a large number of students interested in getting admission to the top engineering and science colleges in Singapore, and usually, the academic performance of the student is the main criteria used by engineering and other colleges to determine who will get admission. For this, the student will require good grades in junior college especially h2 math.


All students who study math in junior college attend lectures in college. However, there are usually a large number of students in one class in college. While some students may be interested in math or have a natural aptitude for it, often a large number of students do not understand the math taught in college properly. In some cases, the teacher is teaching at a fast pace, and in other cases, the subject is very complex. Students’ difficulties in understanding complex math concepts are further hampered by the fact that they are frequently too shy to interrupt the teacher and request clarifications. There are multiple solutions aimed at reducing anxiety and improving academic performance. For instance, using the services of a college math tutor would help students master their skills and overcome their fear of failure.

Student grades

Student grades

One of the most important factors affecting the grades which the student is getting in the exam is how well the student has understood the math concepts which are being taught. Hence students who find that they are not able to understand the math taught in college properly and are getting low grades in math should consider taking maths tuition. If the math tuition teacher is competent, he will ensure that the student understands all the math concepts properly, so that he can answer almost all questions in the math exam correctly and get the top grades.

Tutor selection

While there are a large number of tutors in Singapore, the quality of the tuition will vary. Hence students who want to get the best grades should spend some time researching the tutors to find the best tutor. One of the better ways to find a competent tutor is to ask other senior students who have taken tuition for referrals. Students will usually only recommend a tutor if they have found that their grades have improved significantly. It is also advisable to check the reviews of the tutor, the feedback from the students who have used the service.

Other considerations while choosing the tutor is the size of the tuition batch. It is better to take tuition in small batches of fourteen or fewer students so that each student will get personalized attention. The tutor should also do a detailed analysis of the strength and weaknesses of the student so that the student is aware of the areas in which he should improve. Additionally, the tutor should also train the student in how to take exams to get the best results, how to select questions for answering, time management while answering questions, presentation of answers, and checking the answer paper for mistakes.

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