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Beginner Friendly Pilates Exercises

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Are you new to working out and do not know where to begin? The answer is that you need some Pilates exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals. Pilates is the best form of working out to strengthen the core, build muscular strength, and improve balance. Pilates not only helps in belly fat reduction but also tones muscles using minimum or no equipment. Make sure you invest in quality activewear clothes by searching for the top activewear clothing manufacturers to get the right comfort during the exercise.

High-intensity workouts are not the most suitable for a beginner. The best part about Pilates is that it is appropriate for beginners and even for people who work out on a regular basis. Following a Pilates routine can lead to significant weight loss and sustainable weight management.

If you are a complete beginner, these super easy mat Pilates exercises can be an effective way to start your fitness journey:

#1. Criss-cross

This is one of the best and simplest exercises for working on your core strength. Start by lying on your back on a mat with your arms behind your head. Now bend your legs in a tabletop position and lift your upper body while keeping the core engaged. Bring your right elbow towards the left knee while straightening the other leg. Work your abs, twist, and switch to the other side. 

  • Breathing patterns in Pilates should be focused on at all times. Controlled breathing aids your movements and activates the correct muscles. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth into the sides of your ribs.
  • Slow movements in each Pilates exercise ensure better posture and flexibility. 

#2. Side-lying hip abductions

This exercise is essentially beneficial for glutes activation and reducing knee pains. Begin by lying on your left side, keeping your left leg bent, and stretching the other leg at a 45-degree angle. Extend your left arm and rest your head on it.

Now, lift your right leg in the air, away from the floor then gently bring it down. Repeat the same motion with the other leg.

  • Make sure your knees are not bent throughout the exercise.
  • Avoid arching your back in this exercise as that can lead to spine injuries.

#3. Windshield wipers

This is a very helpful exercise to improve mobility by specifically targeting the obliques and abdominal muscles. Lie on your back and bend your both legs at a 90-degree angle. Keep your arms straight at the sides and tighten the core.

Now slowly lower your both legs to one side without touching the floor. Continue doing this in the same motion and alternating sides.

  • It is important to have a good form while doing this exercise. It is recommended for a beginner to practise this regularly, otherwise it can lead to lower back strains and potential injuries. Start with a low range.
  • It is a great exercise to reduce menstrual cramps.

#4. Back extensions

Pilates has the best types of exercises to have a healthy back. Back extensions are the best way to relieve back pain and muscle tension. It increases back strength and improves posture.

Lie on your stomach and your legs pressed together. Extend your arms in front of you and slightly lift your chest. Look towards the mat and now lift your back and legs off the floor together. Slowly bring them down and follow the same pattern again.

  • Do not put too much pressure on your neck.
  • Always synchronize your breaths with your movements.

If you want to make these exercises more challenging, you can train with resistance bands and add weights to increase the tension in your muscles. There can be many variations, additions, and modifications in these exercises. They can eventually be made once you reach advanced fitness levels with time and practice. However, the right way to do Pilates can be taught by certified fitness trainers or enrolling in Pilates training courses under good mentors!

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Happy learning!

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