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Bar Marketing Essentials – Here’s What You Need To Know

Bar Marketing Essentials

As the owner of a bar, you’re well aware of how much people like to drink. From being a place to relax after work to a place of socialising with your friends, bars are the go-to for many.

With the immense popularity of bars and craft breweries, there are many options available for people to go for drinking.

However, this also means one thing – cut-throat competition!

Every bar owner is well aware of the competition in the bar industry and with the opening of many new establishments, staying ahead of the curve is perhaps the only way to ensure that your business stays on top at all times.

While this may seem daunting, you have a highly effective solution to this – marketing.

To increase visibility and awareness like no other, marketing is an important strategy that needs to be used by every sensible business; your bar too should be no exception to this. Whether it is about promoting personalised merchandise like pub beer mats or custom beer mats or conducting special events like giveaways and drinking competitions, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your bar is well-known.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of bar marketing essentials that are sure to help you improve your establishment’s visibility while also enhancing its sales.

Let’s take a look!

1. Stay Current And Well-Informed

We all know how fast trends come and go, and how popular they can be.

While some of them may seem a little weird, keeping an open mind can prove to be extremely helpful for you. This means staying current and keeping yourself well-informed can help you understand your customers better which will certainly work to your advantage.

By understanding what works better for your customers – from their interest and preferences to their dislikes – you have a better chance of connecting with them on a personal level while marketing your brand. This will also help you understand what works better for them according to which you could improve on your service. 

Be it drinks, events or even the ambience, understanding your customer’s needs can help you improve your establishment to make it more relatable and comfortable for your customers.

In simple terms, you’ll understand the right drink for the right customer.

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2. Offer Personalised Merchandise Or Equipment

One big advantage of customised equipment is that they help you establish your brand identity.

Moulding the perception of your customers through the personalised merchandise is a smart marketing strategy that you could consider adopting for your bar.

The presence of several bars means stiff competition which makes standing out all the more important.

That said, what better way to do this than creating customised goods? From custom printed beer mats to personalised wine glasses, there are many different ideas you could consider.

In doing so, it’ll help you create an image in your customer’s mind and whenever they see a design or product similar to yours, they’ll definitely have you on their mind. Moreover, you can also use this to establish the kind of perception you want people to have when it comes to your business.

3. Leverage Online Presence

With ever evolving strategies and methods, staying still can prove to have a negative impact on your business. 

In today’s world, having an online presence can determine how well your business can do which is why leveraging this becomes essential for your establishment to grow and boost sales.

From an optimised website to social media platforms, establish a strong online presence for your bar and improve your chances of brand recognition and visibility. According to your target audience, you can also customise the content you post for better results.

Moreover, you can also consider providing value through guides, tips and other forms of expertise. This will help improve your rankings and establish yourself as one of the best in the field.

4. Improve Ambience And Engagement

While looking after technical aspects or factors is crucial, engaging with your audience and catering to their needs in person is also equally important. This can be done through events or elements such as special events, live music, drink tastings, etc.

A special event or competition is a sure-shot way of attracting more people to your bar and thereby expanding your customer base. Adding the experience of a fun time along with bespoke drinks will only serve to enhance the drinking experience even further.

While most bars stream important football games or other sporting events, you could take it up a notch and introduce themed nights, competitions and maybe even drink tastings.

The reason behind this is to keep your audience engaged and establish yourself as ‘the place to go’ for your target audience. After all, everyone loves a fun experience and making the most of special events can do wonders for your visibility and recognition.

To Sum Up

While your bar may have the best drinks possible, you might not get the recognition you deserve especially if you don’t have a great marketing strategy put together.

By implementing creative and smart marketing techniques, you not only increase your audience base but also improve sales and grow your business.

With these bar marketing essentials, your bar is sure to flourish!

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