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6 Ways CBD Can Boost Your Sex Life

CBD Can Boost Your Sex Life

Is stress and performance anxiety in the bedroom, taking a toll on your sex life? CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, can help! In recent years, experts have tapped into the benefits of cannabidiol beyond medicinal purposes.  It has skyrocketed to popularity with more and more people understanding its potential to boost their sex life.   

Connecting with your own body and exploring what it likes and dislikes is a journey you must undertake.  On account of the symbiotic relationship that CBD has with the body, it can help you on this journey, leading to satisfying and healthier sex life.

CBD is available in numerous forms in the market. Experts believe that products such as CBD oil, massage lotions, lubricants, Foria Pleasure, etc. can provide sensual amplification. CBD oil has a holistic effect on your body and has the potential to solve psychological as well as physical problems hindering your sex life. You can get CBD oil Canada from local stores as well as online dispensaries.

Read on to learn about the six ways CBD can help spice up your sex life.

1)     May help in managing anxiety and stress:

Do you struggle with anxiety about your body image and sex? A lot of people get incredibly nervous just by the idea of sex that they avoid it altogether. Stress because of sex can lead to performance anxiety, which is relatively common among people. This can decrease the libido and may also lead to relationship tensions.

CBD can help slow down these unwanted and negative thoughts relating to your sex appeal or appearance. That’s because CBD works directly on your body’s endocannabinoid system, i.e. a complex network of receptors that help regulate your immune system, nervous system, and the body’s organs. When these receptors are activated, they produce an anti-anxiety effect on your brain, thereby relaxing you.

It also increases the levels of the neurotransmitter, serotonin, to produce an antidepressant effect. This helps you feel present and connected while spending intimate moments with your partner.

2)     Relieves pain:

A lot of women experience sexual dysfunction such as vaginal pain, dryness, and irritation during sex, etc., especially post-menopause. And most of them are usually self-conscious about seeking medical help regarding it. This inflammation or muscular tension can impact how you experience arousal.

One of the prime reasons people use CBD as a supplement is because it is a remarkable, natural anti-inflammatory that can significantly reduce the overwhelming pain. It is also useful for pain, such as menstrual cramps. Using it as a natural lubricant by applying CBD oil on affected areas can increase the blood flow, intensifying orgasms, and making sex much more enjoyable. It provides instant relief from the discomfort by reducing inflammation. You can also procure from best CBD oil fromCBDfx and reap the instant benefit.   

best CBD oil fromCBDfx

3)     Can help with maximizing sensations:

Sex revolves around touch, and the more intensely you feel these interactions, the better experience you will have. When it comes to the female body, you can find endocannabinoid receptors throughout the reproductive tract in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, and vulva. CBD affects these receptors, which are the key to improving libido and inability to experience orgasms.

CBD is said to enhance sensory awareness and make sex feel more divine. It increases the blood flow to the tissues of the vulva and vagina, thereby enhancing the pleasurable sensations.

4)     May enhance foreplay:

Foreplay is crucial and serves a physical as well as emotional purpose. It prepares your mind and body for sex. The sexual excitation system and the sexual inhibition systems need to operate collectively to put you and your partner in the mood for sex. CBD lube is the best product one can use to enhance the climax because of its potential to repair damaged tissue and increase the blood flow to genitals. Moreover, CBD helps you be more expressive about what you like and dislike. A lot of couples experiment with new things such as dress up, which enhances their foreplay.

increase the blood flow to genitals

5)     Helps with erectile dysfunction:

The ability to sexually satisfy your partner is an important contributor to your self-esteem. Research shows that men who experience erectile dysfunction usually have low self-esteem. For a few people, it may even bring a sense of embarrassment.

Many people use boosters for this problem, but they might have several side effects. CBD, on the other hand, is a natural compound that can help you achieve a steady and prolonged erection.

6)     Boosts sexual desire:

The quality of sex depends upon the desire of both partners. CBD increases the level of the neurotransmitter anandamide that helps in increasing stimulation and heightening feelings of desire. It is a vasodilator. When applied topically, it may help dilate your blood vessels, thereby letting blood flow more easily. This increased blood flow, especially to the genitals, promotes stimulation.

Boosts sexual desire

Final Thoughts:

If you are someone who has difficulty getting into the right headspace before sex, CBD can be the perfect solution for your problem. It is a natural remedy to help elevate your sex life if taken in the correct dosage and at least thirty minutes before you get intimate.

There is an increasing number of couples who have reaped CBD benefits to enhance their sex life. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your daily life routine and experiment.

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