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5 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring Them

Personal Injury Lawyer

In the United States, someone is and killed every three seconds by an accident or event that was preventable. Accidental injuries can occur anywhere at any time. 

Car accidents, slip and falls, and workplace injuries can be considered personal injuries. If you aren’t at fault for your injuries, you probably want to hire a Racine based personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

But how do you know if you are hiring the right personal injury lawyer for your case? Here are five questions you must ask personal injury attorneys before hiring them. 

1. What Are Your Fees? 

A personal injury lawyer should be clear about any costs or fees associated with their services. Some lawyers will operate on an hourly basis or charge a fixed amount. But many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. 

With contingency fees, you don’t pay anything upfront. Instead, lawyers are paid a percentage of the settlement in your case. Contingency fees are often between 20 and 40 percent, but this percentage might increase if your case goes to court. 

2. Have You Worked on a Case Like Mine Before, and What Was the Outcome?

Personal injury lawyers often specialize in different cases like car accidents. You’ll want to ask a personal injury lawyer whether they have experience with cases like yours and what kind of settlements and success they have had. Their response will indicate if they have the know-how to get you the most compensation for your personal injury lawsuit. 

When asking this question, find out if they have taken any cases like yours to court. Not all personal injury lawyers have trial experience, so ask about their trial experience and results. The more experience a personal injury lawyer has related to your case, the more likely you will be fairly compensated.  

3. How Much Is My Case Worth? 

Each accident case is different, so a personal injury lawyer can’t give you the exact amount you will receive. But an attorney should give you a general idea of what your case is worth.

More severe injuries like head and spine injuries will receive more compensation than more minor injuries. Other damages are also taken into account, like loss of wage and emotional distress.

The best personal injury attorney will fight for the highest compensation for your case, even if that means going to court. 

4. Who Will Be Working on My Case? 

When you consult with someone, you might not be speaking with the personal injury lawyer that will be handling your case. Therefore, asking them how long they’ve been practicing and how they will approach your case may not be helpful. 

Find out who will be handling your case and ask about their qualifications. Inquire about how they will stay in contact with you for updates. Communication is essential between attorneys and clients, and the best personal injury lawyers will keep you up to date. 

5. What Should I Do or Not Do to Help My Case? 

Your lawyer will build the best case possible, but you should also find out what you can do to best help your case. If you are hurt in an accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Medical records after an incident, along with any photos or video of the accident, are essential documents lawyers need to build your case. 

A personal injury lawyer can also help guide you on what not to do. You don’t want to speak to insurance agents or the opposing attorney without your lawyer present.

Asking for this advice can help show if a personal injury lawyer has your best interests in mind, and it also shows how they will work with you. 

Find the Personal Injury Lawyer for You

With potential compensation for your doctor bills or missed income on the line, you want to do your research when choosing a lawyer. By taking the time to ask a personal injury lawyer these questions, you will be confident that you will get a positive outcome for your personal injury lawsuit. 

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