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5 Instant Ways To Fix Your Door 

Doors are essential components of any home, providing security and privacy for its inhabitants. Unfortunately, door problems can be frequent, making it difficult to come and go freely or even risking your family’s safety. Not only that, but a malfunctioning door can be an eyesore in an otherwise well-maintained house. 

Damaged doors can cause expensive home repair costs, often difficult to anticipate. You will need to call a professional to inspect and diagnose the problem, followed by necessary repairs or replacements. In some cases, fixing the door may cost you more time and money than you thought. Some DIY fixes can help you save on costs and avoid significant damages. 

Here are 5 Reasons Your Door Won’t Close And How To Fix It 

Is your door squeaking, rattling, or sticking? The hinges may be the problem. Misaligned, worn, or loose hinges can cause doors to open and close improperly. Also, a heavy door can cause hinges to pull away from the door frame. Another case is when the hinge screws are too short, causing the door to sag. 


Bent or crooked hinges require straightening or replacement. The same case applies to those that have worn out. You will need spares and a screwdriver. Also, buy new screws if the current ones are too short or damaged. Insert the screws at an angle and use a spirit level to check that the hinge perfectly aligns with the frame. 

You may encounter a problem where the screws become loose under the weight and fall off. It means that you cannot fit them back in the same hole. You will need to drill pilot holes and insert new screws. Moving the hinge position a little can also help. 

2. Door Warping 

Heat and humidity can cause a door to swell or warp, preventing it from shutting well. You will discover that the door gets stuck when closing. Opening it also becomes a tough job, and you must exert force. Warped doors can also be noisy as the wood rubs against the door frame. 


Fixing a warped door may be a complex task. But it can also be as easy as taking two to three steps. It all depends on the extent of damage that happened to your door. For the slightest warps, you can sand down the high spots of your door and then seal the surface to reduce further warping. 

Other scenarios require you to take out the door and work on the top and bottom. That will help to realign the panels and even out warps to get the door back in shape. You will also need wood glue to stick broken parts of the door. Extreme cases call for complete door replacement. 

3. Misaligned Latch 

The door latch is essential to keep the door shut. It is a mechanism that lets the handle and lock work together. A displaced latch can be because of a warped door or misaligned hinges. That prevents the door from closing, and you may need to use force to make it shut. 


Readjustment of the latch will make the door close perfectly. Remove the latch from the door and reposition it. When reinstalling the latch, use a level to ensure you fix it correctly. If dealing with a warped panel or misaligned hinges, fix them first. You do not want to get into the same situation after a few weeks. 

4. Door Cannot Balance in One Position 

Do you have a door that keeps closing by itself or opens to the end immediately after you release the lock? That means it has lost balance. The common reasons causing this situation are loose door hinges, worn-out screws, and misaligned. 


For this problem, you will need to readjust the hinges. Tighten or replace any worn-out screws and fix misaligned parts of the door. This process is a bit complex and may require the help of an experienced contractor. The worst-case scenario is when the frame is also misaligned. In such a case, replacing the entire door is the only solution. 

5. Damaged Locks and Handles 

Broken locks and handles can be a nuisance and make it difficult to open or close the door. They may become loose due to wear and tear, failing to secure your home. Even the inner doors may have broken locks. 


You will need to replace the entire lock or handle. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting. They may provide specific directions. When replacing a handle or lock, use the same size screws to fasten. Also, use a spirit level to install the lock or handle at the right angle. Test them before calling it a day. 

Summing Up 

Door emergency repair problems can be a headache. But some of them are easy to repair, and you can do it yourself. Others require the help of experts. Always ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting any repair. That will help avoid further damage and save time and money spent in hiring a contractor. 

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