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5 Destinations for Those Who Love the Water

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Beach tourism is a modern form of tourism that allows you to explore some of the best waters. This is among the weekend vacation ideas you can explore if you love beaches. People who enjoy water are always looking for under-explored spots they can visit for great fun. If you need some cash to prepare, you can get quick cash title loans to visit unique beaches.

What makes a beach great depends on the traveler. Some people prefer wide stretches with activities and tourists to watch, while others want deserted shorelines with cool waters. If you’re looking for exceptional weekend ideas for couples, consider these top beach destinations.

1. Fiji

If you’re looking for weekend ideas for couples, consider Fiji for the beautiful beaches and things to do. With amazing islands, sparkling waters, resplendent resorts, and stretches of pristine sand, Fiji can be classified as the perfect spot to explore weekend activity ideas. Travelers looking to snorkel on vacation should check out Taveuni’s diverse coral reefs. Also, people who are looking for weekend ideas for families have something to try out. Whether you have kids or not, everyone will find it pleasant and relaxing.

Here, you will find some of the tropical beaches highlighted in romantic movies. You can get a ferry ride from Port Denarau to one of the 20 islands that form the Mamanuca Islands. Some of the options you could check out while here include Vamo Island and Qalito Island.

2. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is another location that offers weekend ideas near water you can add to your summer itinerary. This is a French Polynesian island that offers many opportunities for tourists. Measuring only 6 miles long and under 3 miles wide, every part of Bora Bora offers stunning beaches, luxurious resorts, and green jungles. For sunbathing, you can visit Marita Beach, which is also perfect if you want to stroll along the sandy shores. The Four Seasons Resort beach offers incredible views of Mount Otemanu, and there are calm waters. Among things you can enjoy here include snorkeling, there are shark-feeding excursions if you prefer adventurous pursuits. A brief stop here could be among the perfect weekend trip ideas you should explore if you’re traveling solo.

3. Maldives

This is among the unique beach destinations you will ever experience. This is a tropical destination considered a paradise by many tourists. It features 22 ring-shaped atolls that consist of up to 1,200 islands, each offering beautiful beaches. Most people stick to the island on which their resort sits. You expect to see towering palm trees, pearlescent sands, and incredibly blue waters. If you love pictures of surreal sunsets, this is the place you should be to enjoy the experience. All the beaches offer great views and opportunities for Instagram-worthy photos. But most beaches require covering up, so if you wander from your resort, check out bikini-friendly Mafushi and Rasdhoo.

4. Maui

For weekend travel ideas that give you a taste of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches without crowds, you should consider Maui. The island is home to impressive beaches, small and big, most of them family-friendly, making this among the weekend travel ideas you can enjoy with your family. Explore Waianapanapa State Park for the black sand shores. In South Maui, you will find spots for families, especially Wailea Beach, known for calm waters, highly-regarded restaurants, and bustling resorts. The North Shore is the place you should be if you love windsurfing or simply wish to enjoy maui snorkeling.

5. Whitsunday Islands

Located on the northeastern coast of Australia, this is a location that feels like a different world. Whitsunday Islands are near the Great Barrier Reef and hosts a unique ecosystem, which is also considered fragile. There are many beaches you can sample while here, including Whitehaven Beach, Betty’s Beach, and Chalkies Beach. You have many spots to choose from if you want places that can give you the freedom to have fun and unwind. When not snorkeling in the turquoise water or sunbathing on white sand, you can relax at one of the luxury eco-resorts or bungalows on Long Island or Hamilton Island.


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There are endless options for those who are in search of places to visit for weekend fun. Your choice depends on the kind of experience you want as different locations offer different scenes and sights. When choosing a beach, ensure it’s a location that gives you the freedom to explore different features and unwind.

What’s your favorite beach for weekend fun? Leave a comment below.

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