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2021’s Top Hardwood Flooring Trends: Patterns & Inlays

Hardwood Flooring Trends

Having a living space that makes you feel ‘at home,’ gives peace of mind, improves your quality of life, and triggers aesthetics is the nitty-gritty of bringing betterment in your life.

But focusing on adding a fresh layer of paint and a new piece of furniture doesn’t serve the purpose if your flooring is worn out and old-fashioned. All your efforts fly out of the window, including your splurged money, if you skip the floor from your home improvement plan.

So, don’t forget to bring floor improvement to your home renovation plans this time. The good news is that hardwood flooring is back in trend. Tiles, marbles, and porcelain stuff are good, but there is some irresistible charm in the timber flooring that is hard to resist.

The best part about hardwood floors is that they fit in every home design. Whether you are looking for a chic contemporary look, Bohemian appeal, Mediterranean touch, or simple, rugged style, hardwoods just sneak in every styling option to slay your floors, unapologetically.

Wondering what the hot hardwood flooring trends are? Don’t worry – we have done all the research work for you.

Here are the hottest wooden flooring trends you should try:

Basic Installation Patterns to Inspire You!

Straight Pattern for the Basic Touch

Straight Pattern for the Basic Touch

If you have the slightest notion about the hardwood floor, then you will be familiar with this pattern. The straight design is the most common installation style. You might have gotten a glimpse of this pattern in a movie or at your friend’s home because it is everywhere. People love it not only because parallel bamboo flooring boards (or whichever wood you use) look so aesthetically pleasing while lying next to each other. But also because it is a bit less costly and more time-saving as compared to the other patterns.

Random Pattern for the Rustic Look

The random pattern is perfect for people who love to break the rules and have a thing for rustic styles. This pattern’s rule is that there is no rule in terms of the width and size of the boards. Pick up any width board – narrow or wide – install it on the floor, and it will complete and enhance the look of your floor. The selection of the board’s width on the ‘a bit of this and a bit of that’ rule is okay because it is all about playing random cards here.

Herringbone Pattern to Go All Patterned

Herringbone Pattern to Go All Patterned

Though this pattern has a long history, recently, the interior designing world has seen a revival of love for the herringbone pattern. Significantly, those who want to give their interior a more patterned and uber-chic appeal are falling for this pattern – and we understand why? This pattern gives your floor a visually stunning value because zigzagged boards, laid like twilled fabric, look aesthetically so upright that it gets hard to not fall for this pattern.

Wood Colors and Style Trends to Stay Trendy!

Two-Toned Wooden Floors are ‘In’

Two-Toned Wooden Floors are ‘In’

The two-toned wooden floor is a big-time ‘yes.’ You can go with a combination of dark and light colors, two different shades of dark colors, or two different shades of cool colors – whatever suits your aesthetics and styling. No matter which combination you choose, one thing is guaranteed that things will not go wrong with two-toned wood planks for all the right reasons!

Whitewashed Hardwood Floors Have Come Back

The 80s whitewashed floors are back in the scene, and no one is complaining. People still cherish the chic styling sense of the 80s, and whitewashes have their own share of love. So, yeah, whitewashes are back with more power than ever because now this trend is reinvented to fit into the 21st-century styling. And today’s subtle whitewashes are so pleasing and happening that from Hampton’s Villas to Caribbean houses, you are going to see them everywhere.

Natural Colors Are Naturally Here

Natural Colors Are Naturally Here

People are looking out for ways to cut on extravaganza and bringing their lives back to basics. As people are falling for natural and minimalist living styles, no wonder natural wood floors are getting so popular. Natural colors are soothing and ooze out calm vibes that people living in this hustle-bustle crave. That’s why the natural wood color floors are becoming a premium choice of people because what is better than living all engrossed by simplicity and calmness all the time, right at your place?

Gray and Grayish Blends are Going Strong

Gray has become the new white of the interior designing industry. Interior designers are trying to sneak this color in every décor option – from walls, rugs, and curtains to cushion; it is everywhere. And floors are also not an exception!

People are demanding prefinished gray flooring. Those who don’t want to remodel the floor from scratch are asking to add a grayish touch to their already installed spc rigid core luxury vinyl flooringIf you don’t want to go all gray, then you can blend in other shades of brown and black while staying at the grayish end.

Finishes and Textures to Get the Perfect Look!

Matte Finishes to Stay Low Key

Matte Finishes to Stay Low Key

If going bling-bling is not your kind of thing, then this matte finish is just the perfect solution for you. Not everyone wants to live in a home, coming straight from a royal storybook. Some people want to live in a home that just feels like ‘home’ – all-natural, warm, and simple. Matte finishes click right on this desire of people who want hardwood flooring with less sheen. And not to forget that matte finish is also a life savior if you live in a dusty area or have children that are always ready to put a scratch on your glossy floor.

Sustainable Finishing is Getting Popular

When sustainability is becoming a living mantra of people, hardwood floor finishing is also tilting towards this life’s goal. Instead of going for low-grade polyurethanes, people are opting for high-grade options that are sustainable and nature friendly.

People are also switching to oiled finishing because it is durable and helps in retaining the texture and color of the wood. The best thing about oil finishing is that you don’t need a professional person to fix scratches and smudges. You can put an oil coat yourself whenever or wherever you get scratches on the surface. So, with oiled finishing, you don’t need to walk on the floor carefully or scold children while they are dragging the chair because you can anytime fix the damage!

Wrap Up

There is no question when it is about the popularity of hardwood in interior design. If you look for houses for sale in Dubai or a villa in the US, you will see that hardwood is a popular item in all of them.

So, if you are planning to add wood to your flooring, then think no further. It is the best choice! Just pick up the desired hardwood flooring trends enlisted above and install them. You will never regret your decision – they are so awesome!

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